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Aries Sign

People born under the Aries sign are friendly and physically vigorous. The Aries sign characteristic features are frankness and honesty. Aries sign people are fearless and trustful realists. They are optimistical and like to overcome obstacles. People of Aries sign are pleasant and love to make others happy. At the same time those who were born under Aries sign are extremely vulnerable and can easily fall into anger.

Colors of Aries sign are bright red, orange, blue, and lilac.

Stones of Aries sign are diamond, ruby, amethyst, aquamarine, and emerald.

Metals of Aries sign are iron and steel.

Talisman of Aries sign is a hammer.

Aries career

The main meaning of life for Aries sign is work. They are successful in career, art, and business. Aries sign representatives can become good doctors, military leaders, journalists, or managers.

Aries love

The fair sex Aries cannot be engaged only in love, but she always needs romances. The stronger sex Aries can amaze with passion and coldness. Aries is idealistic, sentimental, true and fair in love. Aries sign men love romantically and cannot pretend passion.

Aries health

Aries sign people are seldom ill with chronic diseases, but they may have high blood pressure. Aries sign may frequently suffer from physical injuries. Aries works hard and it can lead to a nervous exhaustion. Aries cannot endure toothache.

Aries woman

Aries woman is intellectual, very strong and at the same time sentimental. She must be a leader. Aries woman loves flattery. Her life is bright, and her nights are dark and lonely. Aries woman is capable of passion and mystical idealism. She is a good mistress of the house, but does not love household duties. Aries woman is a good mother and she gives children everything.

Aries man

Aries man looks younger than he really is. Aries man is overflown with ideas, impatient, brave and self-assured. Aries man can be intolerable, selfish and exacting. Aries man never recognizes that he is wrong and denies any authority. Aries man always dominates at home. Aries man loves children and is a model father.

Famous Aries

Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, Charlie Chaplin, Montserrat Caballe, Alec Baldwin, Quentin Tarantino, Celine Dion, Chuck Norris, Elton John, Emile Zola...

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