Aquarius Sign

Aquarius Sign

The key feature of Aquarius sign is non-traditional approach to life. Aquarius sign is characterized by curiosity and the ability of deep insight into secrets. These people possess the best memory in the world. The ability of Aquarius sign to penetrate into the unknown and to comprehend various mysteries by means of their particular intuition achieves the summits of psychological insight. Aquarius sign is a curious mixture of coldness, practicality and eccentric mutability. Aquarius sign can be ridiculous, original, independent, tactful, sympathizing, shy and gentle.

Aquarius Career

Aquarius sign is the sign on geniuses and numerous remarkable people were born under it. Money is not the first goal of Aquarius sign. Aquarius sign follows the star that remains invisible for the majority of people. Many people of Aquarius sign achieve the summits of fame, but many also become patients of lunatic asylums and it is difficult to draw a distinction between them.

Aquarius Love

Aquarius woman is as paradoxical in love. For Aquarius woman the necessity of freedom is steadfast, but her fidelity to the man who can accept love is boundless. Aquarius man thinks that any man can possess a woman, but love is something more! Aquarius man loves all people and everybody is his friend. Sex is a part of his higher conception of ideal.

Aquarius Health

The nervous system of Aquarius sign is very sensitive. Aquarius sign may suffer from pains in legs because of bad blood circulation, varicose veins, and trombophlebitis.

Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman belongs to all and nobody. Appearance of Aquarius woman is amazing. She is graceful, witty, bright and surprisingly adaptable. Aquarius woman shows pleasant manners, she is usually shy and reserved. Aquarius woman possesses remarkable intuition.

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is a good friend and adviser. Aquarius man does not want to disclose his true feelings. For Aquarius man each human being is interesting. His life is full of changes, unexpected events, and contradictions. Aquarius man can be gentle and tender, but his superficial calmness is a delusion.

Aquarius Child

Children of this sign tend to break rules and defend their point of view. They are usually interested in topics that are too complex for their age. Instead of playing computer games, Aquarius child prefers reading educational books. Although there can be a lot of friends around him, he may feel lonely. Aquarius children tend to look far and see much more than other people.
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Famous Aquarius People

Galileo Galilei, Cristiano Ronaldo, Raghuram Rajan, Ronald Reagan, Neymar, Christian Dior, Federico Fellini, Shakira, Anton Chekhov, Lewis Carrol...
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