Virgo Child

Virgo Child

It is very peaceful, obedient and careful child. Virgo child tries to do everything right. He has got a strong sense of responsibility, and he worries about the problems of his loved ones a lot. The same happens with the school friends. He likes to play with them. He is capable of being a good friend. He treats those around him with respect, but from time to time he gets a little weepy. This can be a sign to pay more attention to your Virgo child.
Commitment is one more very important character trait of Virgo child. At first, your child might want to have interesting toys. Then he might want to have books or, for example, to learn foreign languages. The most important Virgo child's character trait is learning ability. The most sensitive area in his body is bowel. In order to avoid health problems, you need to consider food carefully, taking into account his individual preferences.

Favorite Games and Toys of Virgo Child

Usually Virgo Child doesn't break her toys. He can spend a lot of time trying to fix the broken toy. Virgo girl not only can play with her dolls for hours, but also make the outfit for her favorite ones. Your Virgo boy's favorite things to do is drawing, music and reading. From his early childhood you can see his instinct for smart games and different puzzles.

Education of Virgo Child

It's easy for Virgo Child to learn something new because of good memory and quick-wittedness. He solves math and chemistry problems easily. School teachers like such willing pupils a lot and encourage them in every possible way.

Virgo Girl

A little Virgo girl wants to be just like her mother, in case they have trusting and warm relations. She is happy to help you out around the house and the kitchen. She tries to do everything quick and right. She likes to cook, searching for different interesting recipes in magazines and on the internet. She likes to invite friends to her place, treating them with the home-made cookies. In the future that can become her profession. Unlike Virgo boy, Virgo girl can be very shy. She rarely feels comfortable in the company of little familiar people. Her parents have to praise her and encourage her. New and unfamiliar food must be taken with caution.

Virgo Boy

Virgo Boy is very active. He can play with his peers as well as alone. He is obedient and assiduous. He helps his parents around the house and the garden. He likes to take care of pet animals. He doesn't like to do homework. During his school years he can solve math problems easily. His teacher is proud of him. In college he can be interested in information and robotic technologies, which can later become his entire life's work. The most sensitive area in his body is bowel. New and unfamiliar food must be taken with caution. His digestion is strongly affected by stress and exhaustion. It is important for Virgo boy to have a good rest and sleep.

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