Virgo Child

Virgo Child

It is a very peaceful, obedient, and careful child. Virgo child tries to do everything right. He has got a strong sense of responsibility, and he worries about the problems of his loved ones a lot. The same happens with the school friends. He likes to play with them. He is capable of being a good friend. He treats those around him with respect but from time to time he gets a little weepy. This can be a sign to pay more attention to your Virgo child. Commitment is one more very important character trait of Virgo child. At first, your child might want to have interesting toys. Then he might want to have books or, for example, to learn foreign languages. The most important Virgo child's character trait is learning ability. The most sensitive area in his body is bowel. In order to avoid health problems, you need to consider food carefully, taking into account his individual preferences.

Virgo Girl

A little Virgo girl wants to be just like her mother, in case they have trusting and warm relations. She is happy to help you out around the house and the kitchen. She tries to do everything quick and right. She likes to cook, searching for different interesting recipes in magazines and on the internet. She likes to invite friends to her place, treating them with the homemade cookies. In the future, that hobby can become her profession. Unlike Virgo boy, Virgo girl can be very shy. She rarely feels comfortable in a company of people she does not know well. Her parents have to praise her and encourage her. New and unfamiliar food must be taken with caution.

Virgo Boy

Virgo boy is very active. He can play with his peers as well as alone. He is obedient and assiduous. He helps his parents around the house and the garden. He likes to take care of pet animals. During his school years he can solve math problems easily. His teacher is proud of him. In college he can be interested in information and robotic technologies, which can later become his entire life's work. The most sensitive area in his body is bowel. New and unfamiliar food must be taken with caution. His digestion is strongly affected by stress and exhaustion. It is important for Virgo boy to have a good rest and sleep.

Parent-Child Relationships

Virgo Child and Aries Mother

Virgo child trusts his Aries mother. Little Virgo shares the innermost secrets with Aries mother. Aries mom is privy to her child's secret desires and dreams, but she may not know about hidden grievances. Children of Virgo sign tend to keep and store all feelings within themselves. If the Virgo child for no apparent reason suddenly becomes capricious and easily moves to tears, Aries mother should show her inherent insight and find out what the true reason for this behavior is.

Virgo Child and Aries Father

As a rule, a very close and trusting relationship is built between Virgo child and Aries father. The Virgo child respects and even admires his or her father. Enthusiasm of Aries father will help his little Virgo believe in her or himself and bring out their talents. For the proper upbringing of a Virgo sign child, Aries father should keep his impulsiveness under control. A harsh word or action can make little Virgo feel uncomfortable.

Virgo Child and Taurus Mother

Conflicts between Virgo child and Taurus mother are rare. Both of them possess an inherent self-control and restraint. The only thing that complicates their relationship is the stubbornness of both of these zodiac signs. Virgo children are always obedient but at the same time, they can be very stubborn even in small things. It is important for Taurus mother to learn herself and teach her little Virgo to find a compromise.

Virgo Child and Taurus Father

Virgo child and Taurus father usually get along well. Taurus father is proud of the honesty and cleverness of his little Virgo. Taurus father can help his Virgo baby to become more purposeful. He can teach his little Virgo to forget bad memories and old grievances and not to dwell on past failures and mistakes. However, father Taurus should avoid excessive strictness and integrity in upbringing.

Virgo Child and Gemini Mother

Relationship between Virgo child and Gemini mother are not simple. This relationship should be based on patience and mutual respect. Gemini mom should teach her little Virgo to speak openly about offenses and troubles and not to accumulate them inside. Otherwise, it may turn into illnesses. Virgo child is as smart as his Gemini mother is. However, little Virgos are not always able to express their thoughts so eloquently. Nevertheless, if mom helps, the little Virgo will certainly learn to impress the interlocutors with his speech.

Virgo Child and Gemini Father

Virgo child and Gemini father have different temperaments. However, that does not mean that conflicts are inevitable. Little Virgo admires his Gemini father and wants to be like him. Inborn learning ability will help little Virgo to learn how to make the right decisions as quickly as Gemini father. Usually Gemini father loves his children very much and overindulges them. However, to spoil a Virgo baby is extremely difficult because of his or her innate sense of responsibility. The desire to do everything right makes the little Virgo adhere to the boundaries in behavior even in the absence of strict parental control.

Virgo Child and Cancer Mother

Virgo child and Cancer mother are very close even when the little Virgo grows up. Despite impulsive nature of Cancer mother, Virgo baby is comfortable and calm next to her. Sometimes, Cancer mom's care may seem to her little Virgo interference in the child's personal world. To have a healthy child, Cancer mother needs to take care of her little Virgo's proper nutrition. Usually a Cancer woman is able to cook delicious and healthy food.

Virgo Child and Cancer Father

Virgo child and Cancer father understand one another well. The Cancer man himself is a bit of a child at heart. He loves joking and his jokes delight his little Virgo. They both are hardworking persons. Cancer father enjoys working, and his Virgo child enjoys studying at school. Cancer father is proud of his responsible and committed Virgo child. Little Virgo knows that Cancer father will always support and protect him.

Virgo Child and Leo Mother

At first glance, it may seem that there should be no difficulties in the relationship between Virgo child and Leo mother. Leo mom is very generous to her children. She can be both demanding and affectionate. Little Virgo eagerly does everything Leo mother asks. Little Virgo wants to be like her mom. However, if mother exerts too much pressure, Virgo child may rebel and suddenly become moody and stubborn.

Virgo Child and Leo Father

Leo father is an absolute authority for the Virgo child. Wise and strong Leo father is always ready to protect and support his children. However, Leo father often demands complete and unconditional submission. This may hinder the development of little Virgo's independence. Virgo child needs more freedom of choice. Leo father should help his little Virgo to become as strong, determined and courageous as he is.

Virgo Child and Virgo Mother

Virgo mother and Virgo child understand each other well because they are so similar. They can walk for hours together, silently contemplating the nature around them. They also can prepare an exquisite dinner together. Virgo child tries not to upset his mother and does not get upset when mother is strict with him or her. Conflicts between them are rare. However, unfortunately, all Virgos tend to hold grievance. Virgo mom must learn herself and teach her little Virgo to speak openly about everything that happens between them.

Virgo Child and Virgo Father

At first glance, it may seem that Virgo child lacks warmth and tenderness of Virgo father. Virgo man lives in a practical and material world. Hugs and kisses are unnecessary in Virgo father's opinion. However, this does not mean that the father does not have warm feelings for his child. Virgo father displays his love in another way. He spares no time and effort for his little Virgo to grow up honest, decent and hardworking.

Virgo Child and Libra Mother

In the house where a child is Virgo and mother is Libra, an atmosphere of harmony and happiness reigns. Of course, a lot depends on father too. Libra mother and young Virgo are very similar in many ways. Relationship between them is calm. Quarrels are very rare. They both like everything to be thought out, harmonious and fair. It is important for Libra mother to know that her Virgo child perceives her troubles as his own.

Virgo Child and Libra Father

Virgo child thinks Libra father is cheerful and fair. Libra father teaches his little Virgo how to reconcile the ideal with achievable and not pay attention to little troubles. A child born under Virgo sign will always eagerly fulfill all orders and requests of his father. However, the commitment and diligence of Virgo child have their limits. If parents ask their child too much, little Virgo may suddenly become stubborn and completely refuse to do anything.

Virgo Child and Scorpio Mother

Virgo child completely trusts his Scorpio mother. Little Virgo recognizes the authority of Scorpio mother and tries to be as smart and neat as she is. Scorpio mom's devotion to her children knows no bounds. Virgo child can always count on her help and support. Scorpio mother should avoid excessive criticism and disapproval of the actions of her Virgo daughter. She can easily teach her child how to deal with excitement or bad mood.

Virgo Child and Scorpio Father

Scorpio father can be ruthless and cruel, but not to his Virgo child. Scorpio father is a loyal protector for the little Virgo. Virgo child admires the courage and wisdom of his dad. Scorpio's inborn insight helps him to understand the causes of anxiety and unease of his child. The only thing the little Virgo lacks in communicating with Scorpio father is jokes and surprises. Sense of humor is not Scorpio man's strong point.

Virgo Child and Sagittarius Mother

Mutual honesty and openness are the basis of relationship between Virgo child and Sagittarius mother. Little Virgo experiences for Sagittarius mother not just affection or love, but rather adoration. Little Virgo tries to be as sociable and cheerful as her or his mother Sagittarius is. Although the child does not always succeed, he or she wants to be like their mother in everything. They both can spend hours chatting about anything. If dad does not mind, they often travel as a whole family searching for the surprising, unknown things.

Virgo Child and Sagittarius Father

Virgo child is endowed with the same high intellectual abilities as his Sagittarius father. They both enjoy travelling. If there is such an opportunity, they definitely will have some pets. Sagittarius man is an inborn optimist. He is honest and indulgent to his loved ones. Sagittarius father can teach his Virgo child to make right decisions faster, believe in success and forgive others their weaknesses.

Virgo Child and Capricorn Mother

The Earth element unites Virgo child and Capricorn mother. They both hide their secrets from strangers, but share them with each other. Capricorn mother understands her little Virgo well. If the little Virgo is restless or in a bad mood, she surely knows what the reason is. Capricorn woman is usually calm and patient with her children. Therefore, serious conflicts between them rarely break out. The only thing that can complicate their relationship is certain stubbornness inherent in both of them.

Virgo Child and Capricorn Father

Child Virgo knows that his Capricorn father has a loving and tender heart, despite the fact that he is strict. The sense of duty and responsibility for their actions is familiar to both of them. Little Virgo, from a very young age, tries to obey her dad and fulfill all his requests or orders. Virgo child may lack communication with her or his father. Purposeful Capricorn men know the value of time and try not to waste it on empty talks.

Virgo Child and Aquarius Mother

Virgo Child may look like Aquarius mother, but otherwise they are completely different. Virgo child subconsciously seeks order in everything. Little Virgo tends to suffer for a long time if something did not work out the way he planned. Eccentric Aquarius mother is drawn to extraordinary ideas and actions. She is able to adapt to any changes and can easily overcome any failures. However, mother and child may have fun together. Aquarius mother always has a new original idea or plan ready to carry out.

Virgo Child and Aquarius Father

Virgo child and Aquarius father's characters are quite different. They hardly understand each other. However, Aquarius father possess an inborn brilliant intuition. Thanks to it, this father always knows how and in what manner to help his little Virgo. Aquarius men are rarely strict fathers, since they themselves do not like borders and prohibitions. However, inborn sense of responsibility of Virgo child does not let him violate the boundaries.

Virgo Child and Pisces Mother

Pisces mother does not always understand Virgo child, but she madly loves her baby. Pisces woman, as a rule, gives all her heart to her family and children. Mother cares about the health and proper nutrition of her little Virgo. The child responds to her in return. The child will be glad to help mother with household chores in the house, garden or kitchen. Little Virgo loves cleanliness and strives for order in everything. The child always knows what he or she wants but they are not sure that their desire will come true. Pisces mom will help her little Virgo to believe in his or her dream.

Virgo Child and Pisces Father

Pisces father and Virgo child always have something to tell each other. They both either can daydream about anything or argue for a long time on various topics. The arguments of the child are often no less convincing than the father's are. Usually Virgo child tries to hide his feelings or troubles. Thanks to natural insight of Pisces, this father always feels when his child needs support. Little Virgo trusts her Pisces father as nobody else.

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