Scorpio Sign

Scorpio Sign

Scorpio sign is an expression of Ego. Scorpio sign is able to control his character and hypnotism radiates from Scorpio sign eyes. Scorpio sign are brave people and faithful friends. Scorpio sign is more than clever. Scorpio sign is of philosophical frame of mind, interested in secrets of a life and death.

Scorpio Career

Scorpio sign can achieve everything he wants. Scorpio sign loves power and all is possible for him without particular efforts. Scorpio sign demonstrates an acquisitive instinct. Scorpio sign does not think that he was born for life problems. Usually he surrounds himself with luxury. Scorpio sign thinks about prestige, therefore he loves money, which makes him happy.

Scorpio Love

In Scorpio sign the reason and passions are combined. Sensuality is the true nature of this sign. Scorpio woman is able to charm the man with gentle perfume and exotic looks. This fatal Scorpio woman may conceal her nature behind charming smiles, good manners, and simulate an angel. Scorpio man is quiet only in outward appearance, inside his passions are red-hot. Scorpio man is always ready for love.

Scorpio Health

Scorpio sign people are rarely ill, but if they fall ill, the disease may take a serious turn. Scorpio sign health may be worsened by melancholy or hard work. They are inclined to the affections of throat, back, heart, circulatory system, and legs.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman possesses deep mysterious beauty. Scorpio woman is attractive, proud and absolutely sure of herself. Scorpio woman has many virtues, but may be also unrepentant sinner. Her sense of justice is as strong as the sense of vindictiveness. Scorpio woman will teach children to be courageous.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is passionate in everything. Women find Scorpio man irresistible and attractive. His cold restraint hides the real nuclear reactor. Intelligence and emotions govern Scorpio man equally. Scorpio man may be extremely cruel and can hurt terribly. Scorpio man is completely indifferent to what others think of him and he is seldom envious.

Scorpio Child

Scorpio child seems to be woven out of contradictions. Bouncy, noisy, and active, this child outwardly looks calm, but internally is always tense. Energy springs from little Scorpio who never sits still, loves danger and explores everything, poking his nose into all corners and hidden or forbidden places. Children of this sign need a calm, harmonious atmosphere and a friendly family. However, it is necessary to apply to them strict, but competent principles of education.
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Famous Scorpio People

Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Oscar Pistorius, Hillary Clinton, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Leonardo DiCaprio, Calvin Klein, Demi Moore, George Eliot...
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