Aries Child

Aries Child

From the first days of life, this baby strikes you with its cheerfulness and mobility. Aries child wants to keep abreast of all current events and actively participate in them. He/She tries to be everywhere and play all the games. In a group of peers, he/she is usually the leader. Being very stubborn and sensitive, he/she does not tolerate criticism and can take offence for a long time. Another important feature of this child is quick temper and intolerance to someone else's opinion. Instead of prohibitions, it is better to explain to the kid what and why you want from him/her. Teach your Aries child to consult and listen to the opinions of others. You yourself should more often try to ask his/her opinion on different matters, discussing the conclusions. It is also important to teach your kid to be clean and collect scattered toys. Parents should be very attentive to the child's health. The most vulnerable spots for Aries child are head, ears, teeth, and eyes.

Favorite Games and Toys of Aries Child

Aries child loves sports and outdoor games which give a possibility to demonstrate leadership qualities. The favorite toys are balls and musical instruments.

Education of Aries Child

The best in teaching Aries child is to accustom him/her to such occupations, where diligence and patience are required. It is essential to focus on reading and intellectual pursuits.

Aries Girl

Bright and capricious - that's how Aries girl is distinguished from her peers. She always seeks to lead in the group, which may not please everyone. Traditional games with dolls are not for her. She finds it hard to follow the plan and other people's instructions. Two opposing principles constantly pull her apart. On the one hand, Aries girl strives to do everything as the parents say, but, on the other hand, she wants to do it her own way. In the long run, the latter takes the upper hand. Usually she can be seen in the company of boys; Aries girl likes action-oriented noisy games. She is fond of sports, swimming and horseback riding. Possessing a unique taste, Aries girl can often choose weird bright dresses, accessories, and large ornaments. Parents need a lot of patience, as the reaction to criticism or simply comments can be very violent. It is advisable to keep pets at home, so that Aries girl will learn to develop such important qualities as care, affection, and compassion.

Aries Boy

He seeks to learn everything by doing; Aries boy can gladly take apart the toy car that he has just received as a gift, because he is curious to find out what's inside. It is recommended for Aries boy to actively engage in sports, for example, swimming, so that he can reveal and express himself. Useful for him are team games in which Aries boy will learn to trust his comrades. Perseverance and ability to complete what he has started are a problem for such a child. It is desirable to accustom him to reading and retelling what he has read. This will also contribute to the development of attention and memory. He will also benefit from the arts, sculpting, and modeling. The main thing that Aries boy's parents need is a lot of patience and love for their kid. This is the only way he can overcome difficulties and develop all the necessary skills.

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