Aries Child

Aries Child

The most striking Aries child personality traits are cheerfulness and mobility. Aries child wants to keep abreast of all current events and actively participate in them. He or she tries to be everywhere and play all the games. In a group of peers, Aries child is usually the leader. Being very stubborn and sensitive, Aries child does not tolerate criticism and can take offence for a long time. Other important Aries child personality traits are quick temper and intolerance to someone else's opinion. Instead of prohibitions, it is better to explain to the kid what and why you want from him or her. Teach your Aries child to consult and listen to the opinions of others. You yourself should more often try to ask his or her opinion on different matters, discussing the conclusions. It is also important to teach your kid to be clean and collect scattered toys. Parents should be very attentive to the child's health. The most vulnerable spots for Aries child are head, ears, teeth, and eyes.

Aries Girl

Bright and capricious - that's how Aries girl is distinguished from her peers. She always seeks to lead in the group, which may not please everyone. Traditional games with dolls are not for her. She finds it hard to follow the plan and other people's instructions. Two opposing principles constantly pull her apart. On the one hand, Aries girl strives to do everything as the parents say, but, on the other hand, she wants to do it her own way. In the long run, the latter takes the upper hand. Usually she can be seen in the company of boys; Aries girl likes action-oriented noisy games. She is fond of sports, swimming and horseback riding. Possessing a unique taste, Aries girl can often choose weird bright dresses, accessories, and large ornaments. Parents need a lot of patience, as the reaction to criticism or simply comments can be very violent. It is advisable to keep pets at home, so that Aries girl will learn to develop such important qualities as care, affection, and compassion.

Aries Boy

He seeks to learn everything by doing; Aries boy can gladly take apart the toy car that he has just received as a gift, because he is curious to find out what's inside. It is recommended for Aries boy to actively engage in sports, for example, swimming, so that he can reveal and express himself. Useful for him are team games in which Aries boy will learn to trust his comrades. Perseverance and ability to complete what he has started are a problem for such a child. It is desirable to accustom him to reading and retelling what he has read. This will also contribute to the development of attention and memory. He will also benefit from the arts, sculpting, and modeling. The main thing that Aries boy's parents need is a lot of patience and love for their kid. This is the only way he can overcome difficulties and develop all the necessary skills.

Parent-Child Relationships

Aries Child and Aries Mother

These both are full of energy and will. Aries Mother knows how to encourage her little Aries. But, she often lacks patience, which might make their relationship complicated. Aries mother should learn to be tender and attentive to her Aries child. This is the way to keep a harmony in their relations.

Aries Child and Aries Father

Aries Child and Father are similar personalities. They can work together in the garden, go to an exciting trip or play some game. Both Aries are strong, proud and full of enthusiasm. However, sometimes a little Aries needs just to have a heart-to-heart talk with his Aries father.

Aries Child and Taurus Mother

A down-to-earth Taurus mother loves home comfort and a quiet family life. However, this is unacceptable for the freedom-loving Aries. Taurus mother should understand it as soon as possible. By the way, being full of patience and ability to listen to her child, she might be a good friend to her little Aries.

Aries Child and Taurus Father

Taurus father values stability, but his Aries child adores changes. They both are completely different. However, impulsive Aries needs life guidance of his rational Taurus father. Taurus father should be more flexible. Aries should learn to take the stubborn nature of his father for granted.

Aries Child and Gemini Mother

Aries child and his Gemini mother get along very well. They have a lot to talk about. Both of them look on the bright side of life; there will be a lot of laughter and entertainment in their house. The only thing that can stand between them is unstable mood of Gemini mother, which sometimes confuses the open and full of optimism Aries child.

Aries Child and Gemini Father

Gemini father is ready to be the best friend for his cheerful little Aries. He enjoys the active, sincere nature of his child. At the same time Gemini father values his freedom and is usually emotionally withdrawn. Gemini do not like emotional scenes, but Aries child tends to show his short temper. Gemini father should take the child's nature for granted.

Aries Child and Cancer Mother

Cancer mother is very loving and tender to her child. Moreover, Aries child likes being loved. Still, Aries child wants to feel free, to do whatever they like. Cancer mother dreams that her little Aries would calm down, rest and generally sit next to her at home, responding to the emotional closeness that she loves so much.

Aries Child and Cancer Father

These two adore each other. Aries child likes to do everything like their father. They have a lot in common. Both of them know how to work when necessary, and both know that they can rely on each other. Although Cancer father will always love his home more and Aries will rush forward to adventures, they can learn a lot from each other.

Aries Child and Leo Mother

Aries child will have enough warmth and love of his mother. Both of them are straightforward, optimistic and have fun look at life. Aries child knows that he or she can rely on Leo mother, that she will help them, sharing their aspirations and supporting their own confidence.

Aries Child and Leo Father

Leo father expects his child to be perfect and loves to be proud of him or her. Aries child also admires his strong Leo father. Over time, it will become more difficult for Aries child to obey his or her father. But, affection and understanding between them will remain for many years.

Aries Child and Virgo Mother

Control is the key word for Virgo mother. She loves her family, behaves properly and order reigns at home. However, it is not easy to achieve that with an exuberant Aries child. Virgo mother is smart enough to manage her Aries child's temper. She should criticize him or her less, as a little Aries really needs her encouragement.

Aries Child and Virgo Father

Restrained and rational Virgo father is willing to do just about anything to give his child a good education and make a good life for him. He is not inclined to kisses and hugs. It may sometimes seem to a little Aries that he/she is indifferent to their father. Aries child is able to become gloomy and unresponsive, if they are not completely sure that they are loved.

Aries Child and Libra Mother

Aries child is quick-tempered and it irritates Libra mother. Quarrels, mainly harmless, may happen between them, but not for long. They are very attached to each other. Libra mother will do her best to make her child kinder and tolerant, without losing confidence.

Aries Child and Libra Father

Aries child and Libra father mostly understand each other well. Libra father likes the sparkling energy of his Aries child. He goes for walks with his little Aries or comes up with games to keep him or her entertained. Father Libra treats Aries almost as an equal, and that is what the child dreamed of.

Aries Child and Scorpio Mother

Scorpio mother is full of energy and she able to understand her little Aries interests. She is always ready to support and encourage her child in all his or her activities. However, there is a real danger that Scorpio mother will put too much pressure on her child, wanting them to fulfill her dreams; a little Aries will resist it for sure.

Aries Child and Scorpio Father

Relationship between Aries child and Scorpio father might be very difficult. Scorpio father tends to criticize his Aries child too much; being criticized is not much fun for Aries child. Scorpio father should learn to be more patient to his child's shortcomings. Otherwise, he may lose confidence of his little Aries.

Aries Child and Sagittarius Mother

Sagittarius mother will make a good company for a little Aries. They both are full of optimism and enthusiasm. They always can cheer each other up. Sagittarius mother is ready to treat her child as a friend and develop his or her abilities. They never get bored with each other.

Aries Child and Sagittarius Father

Sagittarius father knows how to captivate his child and how to inspire him to do great things. They both are active and always full of new ideas. Father tirelessly makes plans, and the child is eager for action. Sagittarius will teach his little Aries to enjoy freedom, respecting other people's needs.

Aries Child and Capricorn Mother

Capricorn mother wants to see her child at the very top of success. Very often, she tends to force her Aries child to do what she wants. Aries, of course, is smart and talented. He/she has enough energy for everything they take up. Aries child responds well, only to what suits them, and noisily rebels against everything that is imposed. If Capricorn and Aries come to a common agreement, the child will benefit a lot from the solid mother's support.

Aries Child and Capricorn Father

Capricorn father makes serious plans for the future and loves expensive things that show everyone how he succeeded in life. Aries likes it too, but he is less materialistic. They solve their problems in different ways. If Aries needs all or nothing, Capricorn goes to his goal step by step. To keep warm relations, Capricorn father should spend less time thinking about wealth and more time to spend with his little Aries.

Aries Child and Aquarius Mother

Aquarius mother is less emotional than her Aries child is. There will be no "dramatic" reaction to any Aries's antics. Aries child even finds that their mother generally does not react to everything. She understands her child's desire to get ahead. But, most importantly, she respects Aries's love to freedom and independence; this is the basis for a good relationship.

Aries Child and Aquarius Father

These two are so open and cheerful! In the role of father, Aquarius looks like a kind and fair person, but sometimes he may seem a little detached. Perhaps the little Aries will want to spend more time with him, playing sports or wrestling, in which Aquarius is not so strong.

Aries Child and Pisces Mother

Next to Pisces mother, Aries child feels carefree and calm. She rarely loses her temper. She accepts her Aries child's impulsivity, need for change, and therefore will not hold him or her. However, Pisces mother should remember about discipline. It is best for her to share her own hobbies with Aries.

Aries Child and Pisces Father

Pisces fathers behave with children as equals. For young Aries, such a dad is just a godsend. He shows love, kindness, sensitivity and generosity to his Aries child. He supports the creative abilities of his child, although he can slightly idealize his little Aries. There might be conflicts between them. Nevertheless, they have a strong relationship and a deep sense of affection for each other.

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