Taurus Child

Taurus Child

The leading Taurus child's personality traits are calmness and accommodation. Taurus child likes to carry out various assignments around the house, takes care for plants and pets. Little Taurus can be trusted to go to the store for shopping. As a result, your child will buy everything needed at good price, and on the money saved will buy some sweets to indulge him or herself. Order and cleanliness are very important for Taurus from very early age. Taurus child usually has a good voice and likes to sing. One of the distinctive Taurus child personality traits is difficulties with switching from one activity to another. This child needs you to give him or her a little more time for it. Taurus child loves and feels nature, likes to walk in the fresh air.

Taurus Girl

The distinctive feature of Taurus girl is calm temper and perseverance. She can take a long time to carry out the task assigned to her, until it all turns out as good as she needs. But it is not as simple with her as it seems. If she is sure of her rightwards, she will obstinately defend her point of view. Taurus girl is a very purposeful and practical nature. Since childhood, she knows whom she wants to become in the future and does everything to achieve her dreams. At the same time, she is an excellent assistant to the household. She will gladly help to prepare food, and her room is always in order. She has an innate sense of proportion and taste. She likes to invent new garbs for her dolls and arrange "fashion shows". Taurus girl subtly feels deception and iniquity and builds the relations with her peers on equality and fairness. She can safely be entrusted with a shopping trip - she will buy everything she needs at an affordable price. She has leaning towards compliance with measure and prudence in everything.

Taurus Boy

Parents admire their Taurus boy from his very early age. He is obedient, and studious, and neat. He is very independent and often makes mom small gifts like a flower or a nice candy wrapper. It is very important for him to feel his relatives' love and support. He likes active outdoor games with peers, but can also be left alone for a short time to play with his favorite toy. Taurus boy often has a good voice and aptitude for music. Music classes will bestead him. You can also trust him money - Taurus boy can both spend them profitably and save for the things he needs. His rational, reasonable approach is felt in everything. He never hastens carrying out his tasks, he first ponders, and only then starts to act. He can make very good friends and appreciates true friendship.

Parent-Child Relationships

Taurus Child and Aries Mother

Aries mother is very energetic, while Taurus child is a little bit relaxed in minds and actions. However, this child is persistent enough to achieve his or her goals. If Taurus mother is patient to her child and supports him or her, Taurus will surely succeed in everything.

Taurus Child and Aries Father

Active Aries father is always full of energy and new ideas. His sudden mood swings make calm Taurus child nervous. So, Aries father should think twice before expressing something unpleasant to his Taurus child. However, tenderness and affection are able to do a miracle with little Taurus. Therefore, the father often needs to hug his child more gently.

Taurus Child and Taurus Mother

These two understand each other and accept as they are. Taurus mother maintains a calm environment that allows the Taurus baby to feel safe and loved. She understands the emotional needs of her child and shares his or her love for comforts. However, being both stubborn, they might hardly give way to each other.

Taurus Child and Taurus Father

Usually, Taurus father loves his children dearly. He will not demand exemplary behavior from his little Taurus. Father will encourage his child in every way in all his or her undertakings. He will not push the development of his child but give him the opportunity to grow in a relaxed atmosphere. Little Taurus really likes this, and what else does his father need? Therefore, each of them is happy.

Taurus Child and Gemini Mother

Gemini mother is always on the move and even begins to feel longing if she lives in one place for too long. Taurus children are rather calm and love stability. This mother should adapt to the pace of her little Taurus, and show more interest and care which Taurus so dreams of.

Taurus Child and Gemini Father

Gemini father is impatient and quick. His imagination has no limits. But reasonable Taurus thinks father's fantastic ideas are just waste of time. The father thinks that he knows best what to do and how to do it. Taurus child can hardly agree with this! It is better if the father gives his young Taurus the right to understand his own problems or plans, helping only when it is really needed.

Taurus Child and Cancer Mother

Affectionate Cancer mother adores her Taurus child. Child, in turn, is attached to his mother and home, believing that in the world there is nothing tastier than mother's lunch. These two are always linked to each other like two magnets. However, Cancer mother might be so involved in the life of her child that she can deprive him or her of the opportunity to decide something for her or himself. She needs to remember that she or he has own life and interests.

Taurus Child and Cancer Father

Cancer father is truly devoted to his Taurus child and is ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of his or her future. He agrees to take the child to dances or music lessons, checking that he or she did not miss anything. Cancer does his best to ensure the reliability of life that Taurus so needs in order to gain self-confidence. He will always try to listen carefully to the child what means for Taurus baby so much!

Taurus Child and Leo Mother

A loving Leo mother is really attached to her little Taurus. She understands the thoughts of her Taurus child and his or her emotional needs. Little Taurus is waiting for care, and Leo mother will be happy to please the child with gifts, alfresco dining, and the special atmosphere of the house. She also will amuse her child taking him or her to different excursions.

Taurus Child and Leo Father

A mighty Leo father provides his Taurus child with all the support that he is capable of. He wants his child to be successful. Taurus will master his life at a slower pace than his father, and achieve success, but in his or her own way. Taurus child is used to going slowly, but surely; he or she will reach their goal. It is important that father understands this and stop pushing him or her.

Taurus Child and Virgo Mother

Full of seriousness, the little Taurus will appreciate the reliability and calmness that gives him a smart, practical Virgo mother. This mother's house is in perfect order, and she carefully takes care of everything that her child needs; she is always there, if Taurus needs help to do homework or wants to have something tasty. This suits Taurus greatly!

Taurus Child and Virgo Father

Virgo father is a reserved soul, not one for displaying his emotions. On the other hand, he is endowed with the talent of a teacher and loves to explain to his child how to properly perform this or that. Fortunately, Taurus children have enough patience to go through all the stages of work, slowly and without losing interest. In many ways, the Taurus child and Virgo father is the perfect match.

Taurus Child and Libra Mother

These two are happy in the company of each other. Sociable and friendly Libra mother can be an interesting partner in any discussion and loves to go out in public. However, little Taurus is less talkative and loves stability. Libra mother should keep it in mind. The child may be very hurt by Libra's rash remarks, although he or she will walk gloomy for a long time, hiding it.

Taurus Child and Libra Father

Libra father understands the mood of his Taurus child well. He will spend a lot of time talking with a child, developing his abilities and encouraging his child to be her or himself. Libra father is optimistic and loves parties. Taurus is calm and loves home. However, they are a good couple.

Taurus Child and Scorpio Mother

This is a powerful couple. Both are decisive, but stubborn personalities, so there will probably be no end to small but persistent arguments. Scorpio mother should be more caring and patient to her little Taurus. The child prefers to move forward at his or her own pace. But in the end he or she will come to the goal!

Taurus Child and Scorpio Father

Strong Scorpio father believes that his word in the house is law. Little Taurus appreciates the well-being and stability that his father gives them. Yet collisions happen often, especially if the child wants to go his own way, refusing to give in to Scorpio father. Scorpio father just should cuddle the child. Otherwise, his Taurus will become even more stubborn and gloomy.

Taurus Child and Sagittarius Mother

Sagittarius mother is full of interest in life and is very energetic. Taurus child has a more thorough approach to life, and he or she does not have time for crazy plans. This child loves calmness and does not see the point in change. Sagittarius mother can be too impulsive and rude. However, little Taurus needs to see his or her mother more reliable and caring.

Taurus Child and Sagittarius Father

Cheerful Sagittarius father prefers big loud companies. Taurus child is calm and loves crafting,, playing and reading. Too much noise and changes worry little Taurus. Despite all these differences, Sagittarius father loves his Taurus child loves with all his heart. He will teach his Taurus child to enjoy life. Taurus, in turn, will remind the father that he can always find time to relax and savor the moment.

Taurus Child and Capricorn Mother

They have such similar outlooks on life! Serious Capricorn mother adores her little Taurus, who is just as rarely losing his or her temper as the Capricorn mother herself is. Both agree that there is no reason to create too much noise around and it is better to remain calm. However, both know well what they want, and they will not allow anyone to stop them from achieving this.

Taurus Child and Capricorn Father

Capricorn father really cares about well-being of his family. Therefore, he spares no money to ensure that his children enjoy all the best and get good education. That suits the Taurus child just fine. The child feels so good and calm in a cozy comfortable house. On the whole, little Taurus is happy to have such a faithful and reliable father.

Taurus Child and Aquarius Mother

Mother Aquarius is an unusual woman. She is always full of creative ideas and her ordinary Taurus child does not always understand her. Taurus really needs affection, but Aquarius mother expresses her love in words or with the help of ideas that are clear only to her.

Taurus Child and Aquarius Father

Aquarius father is full of life and is so absorbed in his own interests that he looks almost alien in the eyes of his little Taurus. This father does not tend to disclose his true feelings. Taurus child needs an affectionate and attentive father so much. The child sometimes may feel abandoned and even unhappy.

Taurus Child and Pisces Mother

Pisces is a loving and caring mother. That is what Taurus child needs the most. However, Pisces mother is not able to show firmness, so there is no need to dream of discipline. To feel confident and calm, Taurus child also needs to be told what is right and what is wrong. Otherwise, Pisces mother will lose control over her child.

Taurus Child and Pisces Father

Kind-hearted Pisces father is ready to spend all his time with little Taurus. Father's imagination helps Taurus child, taking him or her away from a rational view of life. Taurus child feels best among expensive things. Pisces father should remember this and be more serious about the material aspect of their life for the sake of his child.

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