Taurus Child

Taurus Child

The distinctive feature of Taurus child's character is calm and accommodating nature. He/she likes to carry out various assignments around the house, takes care for plants and pets. Little Taurus can be trusted to go to the store for shopping. As a result, your child will buy everything needed at good prices, and on the money saved will buy some sweets for self-satisfaction. Order and cleanliness are very important for Taurus from very early age. Taurus child usually has a good voice and likes to sing. Having some difficulties with switching from one activity to another, your child needs you to give him/her a little more time for it. Taurus child loves and feels nature, likes to walk in the fresh air.

Favorite Games and Toys of Taurus Child

Taurus child likes cuddly toys in the form of animals and birds. Having its special place for each thing is of vital importance for Taurus child, and he/she can feel offended if somebody takes his toys without his allowance.

Education of Taurus Child

Taurus child is studying sedulously and diligently. Having a very good memory, little Taurus likes to learn by heart big poems. He/she likes geography, natural science and mathematics. Some slowness is compensated with advantage with excellent marks and teachers' commendation.

Taurus Girl

The distinctive feature of Taurus girl is calm temper and perseverance. She can take a long time to carry out the task assigned to her, until it all turns out as good as she needs. But it is not as simple with her as it seems. If she is sure of her rightwards, she will obstinately defend her point of view. Taurus girl is a very purposeful and practical nature. Since childhood, she knows whom she wants to become in the future and does everything to achieve her dreams. At the same time, she is an excellent assistant to the household. She will gladly help to prepare food, and her room is always in order. She has an innate sense of proportion and taste. She likes to invent new garbs for her dolls and arrange "fashion shows". Taurus girl subtly feels deception and iniquity and builds the relations with her peers on equality and fairness. She can safely be entrusted with a shopping trip - she will buy everything she needs at an affordable price. She has leaning towards compliance with measure and prudence in everything.

Taurus Boy

Parents admire their Taurus boy from his very early age. He is obedient, and studious, and neat. He is very independent and often makes mom small gifts like a flower or a nice candy wrapper. It is very important for him to feel his relatives' love and support. He likes active outdoor games with peers, but can also be left alone for a short time to play with his favorite toy. Taurus boy often has a good voice and aptitude for music. Music classes will bestead him. You can also trust him money - Taurus boy can both spend them profitably and save for the things he needs. His rational, reasonable approach is felt in everything. He never hastens carrying out his tasks, he first ponders, and only then starts to act. He can make very good friends and appreciates true friendship.

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