Goat Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Goat Chinese Zodiac Sign

Goat sign in Chinese zodiac symbolizes a talent. As a rule, this is a smart, talented person with a rich imagination. Goat has a mild personality and appreciates fine things. Goats feel good in a familiar environment. They are kind and hate quarrels. However, people born under this sign are weak-willed. They always depend on others' support and tend to obey. Shy and delicate Goats love to complain about their life. They constantly seek for pity and protection. However, being generous and responsive, Goats can make very good friends.

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Goat Zodiac Sign Traits

The character Goat zodiac sign traits are friendliness and talent. Goat is cute, tender and artistic. They are usually good in art professions. However, they do not make good managers. Goats are kind-hearted and optimistic. However, they can be very capricious and impulsive. Being very responsive and generous, they easily help others. Goat tends to complain about fate. Usually it works and people want to support it. Independence is not the Goats' strength. They tend to depend on anybody: parents, friends, lovers. In companies Goat prefers to listen more than speak. Goat people like to work in a team but avoid responsibility. They like to be ruled, because they do not know where to go and what to do. Goat is dreaming about calm and wealthy family life with a rich partner. Being able to adapt to any environment, Goats tend to achieve their goal. They fail to manage money and usually spend more than earn. In love, Goat people need trust and support of the partner. They are very optimistic and able to cheer up others. However, they tend to make other people mad with their hesitations. To make them do something against their will is impossible. Talented and elegant Goat with its rich fantasy and responsive heart is like a big child. It seems like Goat is waiting a lot from others. However, they are able to give much more.

Goat Zodiac Sign Strengths

General Goat zodiac sign strengths are kind heart, friendliness, generosity and care for others. Goat has a vivid imagination and artistic abilities. Goat people are friendly, peaceful and flexible. They are kind and cute natures that often tend to charity. They willingly shares with others and never refuse to help. People born in the year of Goat are very charming and friendly. They do not like to criticize and always try to see only good things in themselves and in other people. Goat prefers to quickly forget about all troubles. Goat people are very sensitive, artistic and creative. Sincere and kind, Goats are always ready to help other people who need care or money. As a rule, they are able to resolve conflicts and create a harmonious atmosphere around themselves.

Goat Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Goat zodiac sign weaknesses are helplessness and dependence on others. Goats are selfish and arrogant, panicked by difficulties. They cannot manage their money and usually spend more than earn. Goats are touchy like a child and tend to use it to manipulate others. A typical Goat according to the Chinese zodiac is a little-organized person. Goat people have no sense of time and therefore they are always and everywhere late. It may result in conflicts in friendly relations. Emotional instability and deep fears prevent Goat from confidently looking to the future and believing in own strength. Besides, the Goat does not tolerate loneliness and troubles.

Goat Woman

Goat woman is full of emotions and fantasy. She is a true woman. Good mood changes to cry and vice versa. She is cute, emotional and has a wonderful sense of humor. A man feels strong and powerful near her. She may seem absolutely helpless. However, she has a strong will. Goat women usually make delicate wives and mothers. They need strong and confident man, who will understand their capricious and tender nature. In marriage, she prefers to be weak and give freedom to a partner. Goat women are talented, creative and sensible people. They are not created for work, but for beauty and joy.

Goat Man

Goat man in the Chinese zodiac is a favorite of women. Usually he is handsome and has almost female beauty. He is tender and sincere but cunning. He knows how to play. However, to deceive him is worth nothing. He trusts his friends too much and is too categorical to his enemies. Although sometimes he does not see who is the enemy, and who is the friend. He likes big loud companies and to be in the center of attention. He is fickle and tends to betray. He is passionate and ready for many things for the sake of a sudden outburst of feelings. He usually marries a strong, self-confident, prosperous woman. Due to his light and cheerful nature he usually has a lot of friends. Although he is a weak and unstable nature, life with the Goat man will never be boring.

Famous People Born In The Year of The Goat

Benicio del Toro, Bill Gates, Bruce Willis, Catherine Deneuve, Julio Iglesias, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Steve Jobs...
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