Water Element

Water Element

Water Element is emotions and feelings.

Internal Essence of the Water Element

The water element is an owner and captures everything. Water element may assume colors and paints at the same time hiding things like sugar or salt dissolved in water. Only shoaling water element is transparent, in depths water element is dark. Water element is able to hide only thoughts, but water element is frank in feelings. Therefore, water element frequently becomes a victim of one's own mood, imagination and subjectivity. Water element pays particular attention to trifles, details, surroundings. This basis gives rise to methodicalness.

Water excess results in hysterical reactions, pettiness, and psychopathy. However, water element is also merciful, can soothe, protect, pull through, and nurse. Water element is hard-working and endowed with sense of duty and responsibility. Water element is disposed to submission. Since water element is running, her feelings are changeable. The sense of ownership may give rise to greediness and jealousy. The imagination of water element is peculiar and is the ground for romanticism, subjectivity and idealism.

People of the Water Element

People of water element possess a very subtle cast of mind; quite often they reveal parapsychological abilities. People of water element are very impressionable and sensitive. People of water element are distinguished by inconstancy, emotionality, and a rather extreme sensitivity. But they are more capable of adaptation than it seems. At times it may seem that their condition is hopeless, however they find a way out of a difficult life situations like water that grides its way through rocks.

Compatibility of the Water Element

People of water element should choose partners among water element or earth.

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