Rooster Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Rooster Chinese Zodiac Sign

Rooster sign in Chinese zodiac symbolizes a complex nature. Rooster is enterprising, communicative and brave. It is a symbol of honesty and kind heart. Roosters are always ready to help. However, they try to avoid responsibility. Rooster people are interesting and easily get along with people. However, they lack diplomacy. They like to boast and promise more than can actually do. Roosters usually have a logical mindset. They are realists and do not like changes. They also do not trust anyone and rely only on themselves. At the same time, they can be very capricious and noisy. This gifted person is usually financially wealthy.

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Rooster Zodiac Sign Traits

The main Rooster zodiac sign traits are confidence, honesty, hard work and ambition. Roosters are very communicative and like to be in the limelight. His or her self-confidence and sense of humor excite everybody. People usually listen to Rooster's advice. Roosters are sincere and usually speak what they think. However, they might be too straightforward and tactless. They also can be impulsive but easily calm down. Rooster people like to command and always try to be the first. Leadership and respect are very important for them. Most Roosters are active and hardworking. However, to have success they need to work much. They like to criticize but not to be criticized. These bright and sincere people easily get along with others. They are responsive and always ready to help. They are brave and honest and usually have a lot of friends. They like to argue and tend to take part in any discussion. They also have excellent organizational skills and usually plan everything ahead. Their self-belief helps them to solve any task. However, they tend to be overconfident and make rush decisions. In love affairs Roosters are unstable. Family is not of great importance for them. However, they might be very good parents and they care of their children.

Rooster Zodiac Sign Strengths

General Rooster zodiac sign strengths are self-confidence, honesty and hard work. Naturally attractive Roosters care about their appearance and like to dress up. They are communicative and pleasant to people. Their honesty and sense of humor usually attract people. Hardworking and ambitious Roosters do not rely on others. They are inborn leaders and tend to achieve what they wish. Rooster people are very responsive and never leave somebody in trouble. They are eloquent and can persuade anyone in their rightness.

Rooster Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Rooster zodiac sign weaknesses are emotional instability, lack of tact and stubbornness. Roosters are too trusting and are easily deceived. They are contradictory personalities. They like to command and might be overconfident. However, sometimes they do not trust in themselves. Their mood changes from very good to very bad. They get used to being always right and never listening to others. When somebody disagrees with Rooster, it can be too aggressive and rude. Making a happy family is a big problem for Roosters. They can be either too calm or too impulsive. They like to criticize others but cannot stand any critiques.

Rooster Woman

According to the Chinese zodiac Rooster woman is attractive and charming personality. She is a good story teller. She prefers to talk more than listen. This woman pays much attention to her appearance. Like a Rooster man, she can be brave, confident and arrogant the same time. She is straightforward and likes to control everything. However, Rooster women might be very good wives and mothers. They know how to organize and keep their house. But Rooster woman can be too jealous and aggressive in family. She appreciates her freedom, especially financial. That is why Rooster women wisely manage money. On the other side, they may spend last money on clothes. A Rooster woman is observant and often achieves great success at work.

Rooster Man

Rooster man in Chinese zodiac is active and full of energy. However, his energy is usually erratic. He needs a person nearby who will direct his energy in a right way. He is handsome and can impress people. He is interesting and pleasant in a company. He may seem calm but inside he is very sensitive. He likes to plan and dream. Rooster man may equally enjoy family life and travelling. He likes women's attention and usually falls in love very fast. However, his passion may also quickly disappear. In family life, he tends to be too jealous and irritable. For a happy marriage Rooster man needs calm and good-tempered woman.

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Beyonce, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eric Clapton, Karl Lagerfeld, Larry King, Montserrat Caballe, Serena Williams...
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