Capricorn Child

Capricorn Child

The main Capricorn child personality traits are strong will and sense of purpose. Capricorn child is not talkative and may seem shy and unconfident. However, he is stubborn and always goes forward to his goal no matter what obstacles he meets. Children of this sign do not tend to open their heart to everybody. They usually have few but loyal friends. Capricorn is a restrained child and avoids loud parties. Some Capricorns are life loving and kind; some are stubborn and capricious. Often their appearance is deceptive, and their emotions are superficial. To understand what little Capricorn really thinks, you will have to gain his trust.

Capricorn Girl

Capricorn girl is disciplined and hard on herself. It is important for parents to constantly emphasize their love for her. A daughter should know that they love her not qualities and merits. Capricorns are introverts with a strong character. However, Capricorn girl tends to withdraw into herself and suffer from real and made-up flaws. It is necessary to raise the self-esteem of this girl from the first years of her life.

Capricorn Boy

Capricorn boy is confident and purposeful. He loves a healthy lifestyle and is actively involved in sports. He appreciates his family, cares about brothers and sisters. Sometimes he is jealous, but only because of lack of parental attention. Being a teenager, he wants to earn his own money. Parents should not interfere with this desire. Capricorn boy tends to win. He does not discover his plans and show off ahead of time.

Parent-Child Relationships

Capricorn Child and Aries Mother

Aries is a tender and loving mother. She encourages Capricorn's desire for independence. But the need to constantly take care of the child is boring for her. That is why little Capricorn sometimes feels abandoned. So Aries mother should pay more attention to her Capricorn child.

Capricorn Child and Aries Father

Aries father loves risk and big companies. But restrained Capricorn child prefers a company of one or two close friends. Aries father should try to understand his child better and develop his confidence. Then he will be proud of his little Capricorn.

Capricorn Child and Taurus Mother

Capricorn child and Taurus mother understand each other perfectly. They both are down to earth and hard working. They love home comfort and care about their family. Taurus mother is able to give enough care to her little Capricorn.

Capricorn Child and Taurus Father

Like Taurus father, Capricorn child has a good business skills and a practical mind. Taurus will help Capricorn to develop his abilities and make a right start in life. This is what makes Capricorn self-confident and happy.

Capricorn Child and Gemini Mother

Gemini mother is full of energy. Capricorn child perceives life much more slowly. Gemini mother should take into account the need of her Capricorn child for well-being and calm life. And then these two will really enjoy their relationship.

Capricorn Child and Gemini Father

Gemini father and Capricorn child complement each other. Gemini father will always find entertainment for himself and thinks that that would not hurt a child either. He should also praise his serious Capricorn child more often and not let him be bored at home.

Capricorn Child and Cancer Mother

Capricorn knows that his Cancer mother can understand him. This child is usually shy, and it is difficult for him to get close to anyone, but such fears recede before Cancer's care. Capricorn likes sense of humor and housekeeping skills of his Cancer mother. In such atmosphere, he feels loved and comfortable.

Capricorn Child and Cancer Father

Cancer father is emotional and likes to command. In Capricorn child, this can cause obstinacy. But Cancer is such a caring and prudent father, that for this alone you can forgive him a lot. He will always support his little Capricorn with his caring love, ensuring him success.

Capricorn Child and Leo Mother

Capricorn child admires his Leo mother's goodwill and ability to shine on people. Leo mother spares no time and attention for little Capricorn, so he does not feel deprived of warmth and love. Essentially, Leo Mom is the center of the Capricorn baby's life.

Capricorn Child and Leo Father

Charming and bright Leo father wants to be proud of his children success. But he can put too much pressure on his child. Capricorn child is afraid to disappoint his Leo father if he does not meet his expectations. To build good relations Leo father should learn to encourage his Capricorn child no matter what happens.

Capricorn Child and Virgo Mother

Capricorn child and Virgo mother are able to handle money, have a strong sense of duty and know well what responsibility is. Capricorn child is happy to have such a clever and practical mother. They have reliable relationships and may have fun together.

Capricorn Child and Virgo Father

Virgo father admires prudence of Capricorn child and his ability to reach the goal. They both are honest but lack optimism. Capricorn knows that he can rely on his father and count on his support.

Capricorn Child and Libra Mother

Libra mother will encourage her Capricorn child's artistic abilities. She loves beauty and harmony. She is being able to add bright colors to the seriousness of Capricorn. She teaches her child a broader view of life, developing his imagination. When he grows up, she will help him to make wise decisions.

Capricorn Child and Libra Father

Libra father is patient enough to listen to his Capricorn child. He allows little Capricorn to learn to think independently. Libra father is able to develop the best qualities in Capricorn. He should spend enough time with his child and try to understand him more.

Capricorn Child and Scorpio Mother

Serious Scorpio mother tends to control her children though Capricorn child does not need it. He is strong enough to have success. Scorpio mother should give her little Capricorn more freedom to go his own way.

Capricorn Child and Scorpio Father

Scorpio father tends to be too strict and harsh to his children. Sensitive Capricorn needs more appraisal and support. Otherwise, he may distance himself. Scorpio father should respect his child's problems and help him to be more confident.

Capricorn Child and Sagittarius Mother

Sagittarius mother is in action all the time, loves everything new and very talkative. While the little Capricorn is calm, serious and more thoughtful. But such a mother teaches her child to be more optimistic and to enjoy life.

Capricorn Child and Sagittarius Father

In fact, Sagittarius father is a big child himself. He loves to have fun and usually has different hobbies. Often Capricorn child looks more mature and smarter than his father does. This father shows him that life can be joyful, and such a lesson is simply necessary for little serious Capricorn.

Capricorn Child and Capricorn Mother

Capricorn mother is rather restrained, but she clearly understands how to help her child achieve the greatest success in life. This mother really cares about her child. But for Capricorn child it is important to know that he is loved and understood. So the mother must convince him of this more often.

Capricorn Child and Capricorn Father

Capricorn father is a reliable person and always supports his family. Both father and child have common interests and views. Capricorn father should be less strict to his child so that he was able to achieve success.

Capricorn Child and Aquarius Mother

Aquarius mother is a sociable person who loves freedom and helps other people. Everyday family life can be boring for her. Capricorn is a sensitive child and he needs more mothers' care.

Capricorn Child and Aquarius Father

Capricorn child and Aquarius father are honest and fair. Aquarius father gives enough freedom to his child and Capricorn likes it. But sometimes Capricorn needs more firm guidance than his father is capable of. Otherwise, he does not feel safe and is not sure that he is cared for.

Capricorn Child and Pisces Mother

Kind and sensitive Pisces mother knows the way to the heart of her Capricorn child. She is able to feel her child. However, Capricorn needs a reasonable discipline. Pisces mother should not be too compliant.

Capricorn Child and Pisces Father

Pisces is a good and reliable father. He will try to develop the creativity of Capricorn child and make him believe in himself. Father's love and warmth help Capricorn feel safe and confident. However, Pisces father can patronize his child too much.

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