Sagittarius Child

Sagittarius Child

The main Sagittarius child personality traits are cheerfulness and optimism. Sagittarius child is never alone and easily makes friends. In kindergarten, such children want to be in the center of attention and show leadership qualities. Sagittarius children love trips and outdoor activities. But the main thing for them is fresh impressions. Always seeking emotions, they will visit all interesting places and all friends. Parents should not limit desire of Sagittarius child to communicate and to learn the world.

Sagittarius Girl

The girls of this sign are strong-willed, sociable and independent. Do not be surprised if your child asks to buy a railway set or a robot instead of a doll. Sagittarius girls tend to leave the parental home rather early. Their Interest in dating is also awakened at an early age. But these are not the girls who get married too young. You should not worry about your Sagittarius daughter. She knows her worth and can stand up for herself.

Sagittarius Boy

Sagittarius boy is a true fighter for justice. Straightness and openness are his main traits. He likes to criticize and tends to tell what he thinks. However, if he criticizes someone, it means that he likes him. Sagittarius is often disobedient and capricious. In general, it is a nice boy with a rich fantasy. This little defender likes his family and he is always ready to protect it.

Parent-Child Relationships

Sagittarius Child and Aries Mother

Although Aries mother loves her Sagittarius child, she treats her freedom. So she is happy her child gives her a chance to be free and to be devoted to her own interests. They both are sociable and never bore together. However, Aries mother should give more independence to her Sagittarius child.

Sagittarius Child and Aries Father

Sagittarius child and Aries father have much in common. However, Sagittarius child needs support and appraisal from his Aries father. Often Sagittarius idealizes his father what makes him doubt himself. Aries should respect abilities of his child more. Sagittarius is ready to teach his father to care more of others.

Sagittarius Child and Taurus Mother

Taurus mother's love to her Sagittarius child is usually boundless. She tends to fulfill all wishes and caprices of her baby. However, it might be a big problem in their future relations. To avoid it Taurus mother should buy to her Sagittarius child more educational toys but less luxury things.

Sagittarius Child and Taurus Father

Taurus father devotes much free time to his Sagittarius child. These fathers tend to teach, support and invest finances in the future of their children. However, Taurus father might be too commanding and strict.

Sagittarius Child and Gemini Mother

Gemini mother and Sagittarius child usually have common traits and interests. They are both active and enthusiastic. However, Gemini mother likes to criticize. She should trust her child more.

Sagittarius Child and Gemini Father

Relationships between Sagittarius child and Gemini father are rather difficult. They can enjoy spending time together. At the same time Sagittarius child lacks father's attention and care.

Sagittarius Child and Cancer Mother

Shy Cancer mother loves home comfort. But her little Sagittarius loves entertainment and interesting activities. Of course, Cancer is a wonderful and loving mother. However, mother and child may not have emotional connection.

Sagittarius Child and Cancer Father

Cancer father will hardly be such a cheerful father as Sagittarius would like to see him. Although he will certainly try to give his child everything, he can.

Sagittarius Child and Leo Mother

This is a very temperamental couple, and sometimes they will quarrel. Both do not like to retreat. Leo mother is so proud that Sagittarius will have to take the first step towards reconciliation.

Sagittarius Child and Leo Father

Leo father wants his children to worship him. They share a love for everything new and enjoy spending time together. To build good relations Leo father should learn to encourage his Sagittarius child no matter what happens.

Sagittarius Child and Virgo Mother

Cheerful Sagittarius child fills the Virgo mother's life with light and laughter. He will teach her to feel more carefree. She will teach him patience. Virgo might be a wonderful mother to Sagittarius child if she will keep calm and avoid criticizing her child.

Sagittarius Child and Virgo Father

Virgo father sees himself as a parent-mentor and is ready to promote any useful interests of Sagittarius child. However, serious Virgo father would expect from Sagittarius child actions similar to his own. But this child should not be restrained at all. He is able to teach a lot to his Virgo father.

Sagittarius Child and Libra Mother

Libra mother spares nothing for her Sagittarius child. He will have beautiful clothes and much more toys than he needs. However, Sagittarius child will not take her mother's kindness for granted. He appreciates her support and freedom that she gives him.

Sagittarius Child and Libra Father

Sagittarius child and Libra father are true friends. Libra father is able to listen to his Sagittarius child and support his ideas. Optimistic Sagittarius child helps his father to deal with self-doubt. They really enjoy spending time together.

Sagittarius Child and Scorpio Mother

Sagittarius child and Scorpio mother are both full of energy and curiosity about life. However, Scorpio mother can be too commanding and restrain her child. She should give her little Sagittarius more freedom and trust.

Sagittarius Child and Scorpio Father

Scorpio father is not always able to understand the Sagittarius interest in everything new. This father usually would insist on his point of view. Scorpio should be less strict and demanding to his child. Then Sagittarius would see his father's love and loyalty.

Sagittarius Child and Sagittarius Mother

Sagittarius mother feels her Sagittarius child as herself. They both are active, adventurous and love everything new. Sagittarius mother is interested in all her child's hobbies and activities.

Sagittarius Child and Sagittarius Father

Sagittarius child and Sagittarius father seem like two children. They are happy to play football together or travel. Sagittarius father will help his Sagittarius child to develop his individuality and self-confidence.

Sagittarius Child and Capricorn Mother

Success, duty and responsibility mean a lot to Capricorn mother. But for a Sagittarius child joy in life is above all. Capricorn mother is proud of her enthusiastic and brave Sagittarius child. Such a mother should spend more time with a small Sagittarius so that he does not doubt her feelings.

Sagittarius Child and Capricorn Father

Sagittarius child and Capricorn father have different life views. They often disagree with each other. Capricorn father wants to give his child a right start in life. But sometimes he is too serious and strict to his Sagittarius child.

Sagittarius Child and Aquarius Mother

Sagittarius child and Aquarius mother equally love freedom. Sagittarius child loves independence and wants to go his own way. Aquarius mother lets him develop naturally and freely.

Sagittarius Child and Aquarius Father

Sagittarius child and Aquarius father are friends. Both believe that one must live happily. They like to do the same things. Aquarius father loves his open, straightforward, friendly and honest little Sagittarius. Sagittarius respects his father for his support.

Sagittarius Child and Pisces Mother

Pisces mother is interested in everything what her little Sagittarius likes and always ready to help. But sometimes it is difficult for her to deal with her child's impulse and lack of tact.

Sagittarius Child and Pisces Father

Pisces are loving fathers. They enjoy spending time in games or conversations with little Sagittarius. Moreover, good intuition of the Pisces father makes their relationship especially trustworthy.

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