Virgo Sign

Virgo Sign

Virgo sign is a sign of virginity. People of Virgo sign are truthful and sincere. They are pleasant, obliging, and attentive. Under serious manners of Virgo sign are hidden purity of ideas and intentions. Virgo sign people are not noisy and they prefer to remain away from crowds. Virgo sign loves truthfulness, punctuality, economy and ingenuity. Virgo sign hates dirt, vulgarity, and laziness. Virgo sign loves animals and lives without illusions.

Virgo Career

People of Virgo sign are practical by nature. Virgo sign is very punctual in everything. They keep in order both deeds and things. They define and create their destinies better than other signs. Virgo sign does not love lazy people and delays in work. The wish to be independent makes them save money and they are not generous in spending money.

Virgo Love

In love Virgo woman may surpass with passion other signs on the Zodiac, though much time is required to kindle her. Usually Virgo sign distributes love quietly and equally. Both for Virgo man and Virgo woman love is not blind. Many of them remain bachelors and spinsters.

Virgo Health

These are physically strong people though they may suffer from nervous breakdowns because of overwork. They care for their body and nutrition. Virgo sign may experience stomach problems, headaches, and lung diseases.

Virgo Woman

Virgo woman is gentle, shy and pure. For Virgo woman beauty is truth. Virgo woman loves perfection. Virgo woman is as pure as the true love. Virgo woman may be practical and romantic simultaneously. Virgo woman loves plays, concerts and books. Courage and feeling of responsibility help Virgo woman to unite family. She is a good cook. She is strict with children and they will be disciplined.

Virgo Man

Virgo man unites remarkable intelligence and earthly propensities. Virgo man lives in a practical and material world. Virgo man hates illusions. Virgo man is attached to family, friends and those who are weaker than him. Virgo man was born with the sense of duty, discipline, and love for work. Virgo man reacts to disappointments with hard, persistent work. Although Virgo man is not inclined to demonstrate fatherly feelings like cuddling and kissing, he spares neither time nor energy for his children.

Virgo Child

Usually, there are no problems with Virgo child. Virgo child can be energetic and noisy, but he can also be doing his own stuff alone for a long period of time. Virgo child likes to help parents keeping the house. He is interested in cooking food. He is good at school, especially with mathematics, chemistry and biology.
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Famous Virgo People

Michael Faraday, Warren Buffett, Jack Ma, Shinzo Abe, Bashar al-Assad, Tom Ford, Michael Jackson, Claudia Schiffer, O. Henry, Cameron Diaz...
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