Leo Child

Leo Child

Since the moment of their birth, these children already begin to attract attention to themselves – of the family, relatives and doctors. The whole world seems to revolve around their persons. Little Leo wants to be the first and the main in everything, and that's this child's problem. If not finds approval from others, Leo becomes capricious and unpredictable. It is necessary from the very early childhood to teach little Leo discipline, order and tactfully show that the other children are bright and talented too. It is very important to let little Leo know that working in a team where everyone works together can also be fun and rewarding. Usually, Leo children have strong health, but they need adequate relaxation to have enough strength to work on the development of their talents. To consume more products strengthening the heart and useful for the cardiovascular system is advisable.

Favorite Games and Toys of Leo Child

Leo children can be completely absorbed by the game totally immersed in the world they created. Little Leos are very gifted in art and music and love to play on stage. They like to dress up in famous heroes familiar to them from books, movies or cartoons.

Education of Leo Child

If the school's progress falls – you just need to praise the child Leo and tell him/her how much you expect from him/her. Little Leo will try to deserve praise again.

Leo Girl

From the first days of life a little girl Leo will behave like a princess. All the affairs in the house seem to revolve around her. On the one hand, it helps to uncover the innate talents of actress in her, but on the other hand it can just indulge her whims. She likes when friends and fellows come to visit her, so be prepared to always have something tasty at the ready. Leo girl loves bright clothes and glaring decorations and can change clothes several times a day. Dance, music, drawing and playing in a theatrical circle are very beneficent for her. It is also worth to pay attention to the design of clothes. It is very important for her to know that close people approve and support her. In the terms of health – you need to pay attention to her psychological state. Many problems can be often avoided simply by praising and noticing the real successes of your girl.

Leo Boy

Any boy Leo is a king, and he likes when the surrounding children and grownups pay attention to him. In any company, he wants to be the best, most important and visible. Leo boy always finds himself fellows who can be ruled. So if a little Leo suddenly sits quietly in front of TV, then something went wrong with his peers. But in solitude, he is unwell, he begins to be capricious and spoils the mood to all. To raise the mood, he urgently needs to go to a children's party, where there will be many children and toys. To maintain good health, Leo boy must necessarily play sports. And it will be better for him to be chosen a captain of the team. In the terms of health psychological factor is very important. Of a vital importance is to praise and support the little Leo in time for his endeavors.

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