Pisces Child

Pisces Child

Pisces child is generous and compassionate. Pisces child has a rich imagination and good intuition. Intuition often helps these kids to make right decisions and avoid danger. Pisces children are rather restrained. However, they need understanding of loved ones. Sometimes they are unsure of themselves self-doubt and do not understand what they want in life. Their main weakness is sensitivity. They tend to worry about small things. If you do not help Pisces to choose their path, they can go wrong way.

Pisces Girl

Pisces girl has a very unstable mood. It changes for no reason. Her increased emotionality does not change over the years. The girl just learns to control it. Girls of this sign like mysterious stories. Parents should watch their daughter's hobbies. Such things can harm fragile psyche of the child. If Pisces girl is too shy to meet with other kids, parents may find friends for her themselves. Constant communication is important for this girl as loneliness harms Pisces.

Pisces Boy

Pisces boys have female character traits. They are soft, sensitive and sentimental. But sometimes Pisces can show selfishness and even cruelty. This boy is full of contradictions. The heart says one thing and the mind another. It is easy to offend such a boy. Family disharmony is extremely dangerous for Pisces. The boys of this sign become independent a little later than other children do. So, they always need support and warm words.

Parent-Child Relationships

Pisces Child and Aries Mother

Brave and independent Aries mother is able to give a lot to her Pisces child. Shy and unconfident Pisces child needs mother's support. Hard Aries mother should not decide everything for her child but help him find his own way in life.

Pisces Child and Aries Father

These two are so different. Pisces father is active and ambitious. Calm Pisces child will more likely become a creative person than an entrepreneur. But all their differences are not so important if their relationship is built on love. It is father's love and help, that will help little Pisces to become stronger and more resolute.

Pisces Child and Taurus Mother

Taurus mother likes calm orderly lifestyle and she will allow her child to develop at his own pace. This mother will also help her little Pisces to look deeper at things and achieve a real success.

Pisces Child and Taurus Father

Taurus father is really devoted to his family, so little Pisces feels absolutely comfortable with him. And although at times he is a bit strict, Pisces child knows that his father is a very kind person who wants the best for his loved ones.

Pisces Child and Gemini Mother

Active Gemini mother cannot stand routine life. She is very sociable and full of ideas. Pisces child likes atmosphere of fun that mother can create. However, she needs to understand that her shy Pisces child gets used to the society gradually.

Pisces Child and Gemini Father

Gemini father likes changes and travels. Pisces child eagerly supports all his father 's ideas. However, Pisces child can obey the father just because he is afraid to upset him. Sometimes such a child needs to know that he has the right to express a different opinion. It will be good if Gemini father supports him in this.

Pisces Child and Cancer Mother

These two are very close, and they are likely to have strong relationships. Cancer mother always feels when her Pisces child is in a bad mood. Sensitive Pisces will also try to please his mother if she has problems.

Pisces Child and Cancer Father

Caring Cancer father will try to support creative abilities and ideas of his little Pisces. They both are emotional and do not like to be under pressure. Cancer father sometimes may be too strict. He should keep in mind that Pisces child need more support and appraisal.

Pisces Child and Leo Mother

Powerful Leo mother loves her children with all her heart and always ready to protect them. Such women like to be proud of their children. So, Leo mother will support her Pisces child in all his achievements and show off them as her own.

Pisces Child and Leo Father

Leo father is an example of optimism, courage and generosity for Pisces child. He is a caring parent who loves to develop his child's abilities. Leo fathers seek to protect their children from any danger. Pisces child feels safe near such a gentle father.

Pisces Child and Virgo Mother

Pisces child and his Virgo mother are very different. Virgo is a rational and down-to-earth person. Pisces child lives in the world of his fantasy. Virgo mother should keep in mind that critiques and punishment hurt a lot Pisces child breaking his confidence. The child needs more love and appraisal.

Pisces Child and Virgo Father

There can be conflicts between emotional Pisces child and logical Virgo father. Virgo father wants his child to be more serious. But one day Pisces child will be thankful for reliability and support of his Virgo father.

Pisces Child and Libra Mother

Libra mother is at risk to spoil her Pisces child. She often buys him gifts or new clothes; but little Pisces needs more than anything else to know that he is loved and that mother values and understands him. Libra mother does not see it.

Pisces Child and Libra Father

With the Libra father, Pisces child feels natural and free. Libra father does not impose his opinion on his child. This father will help his little Pisces to stand on his feet harder and not to get lost in dreams and illusions.

Pisces Child and Scorpio Mother

Scorpio mother is sometimes too busy with her career and personal life. So she tends to forget about her child's experiences. In relations with the Pisces child, she lacks gentleness and patience to listen to his worries and fears.

Pisces Child and Scorpio Father

Scorpio father is an example of responsible attitude to work and achieving the goal. This father feels his Pisces child intuitively. Thanks to this, Pisces child and Scorpio father have a life-long invisible link based on mutual love.

Pisces Child and Sagittarius Mother

Sagittarius mother treats her little Sagittarius like a friend. She gives him enough freedom to go his own way. She takes him around where she goes. She allows him to do everything that does not threaten his safety and health. But to be really happy Pisces child needs more mother's attention and care.

Pisces Child and Sagittarius Father

Sagittarius father is an inborn teacher. These fathers are happy to have children and to teach them what they know. Sagittarius will spend all his free time with his Pisces child. Even with adult children Sagittarius father continues to play tennis, football and other games. They are able to save close relationships over the whole life.

Pisces Child and Capricorn Mother

Capricorn mother is down-to-earth and perhaps too strict. She bothers so much about her child's health and future that forgets to show tenderness and affection; but little Pisces needs it so much.

Pisces Child and Capricorn Father

Capricorn father likes to live such life that everyone respects him. Of course, he hopes that his child will take after him in his further life; but a little Pisces seems so strange. He does not have father's logic, lives mostly dreams and even scares his father with too lively imagination.

Pisces Child and Aquarius Mother

Aquarius mother will give her Pisces child complete freedom. She will always encourage him, but will never insist that does not suit him at all. She just needs to learn to comfort sensitive Pisces child and assure him that he is loved. Then they will become the greatest friends.

Pisces Child and Aquarius Father

Aquarius father is rational, whereas Pisces child perceives the world intuitively. Aquarius often cannot manage emotional outbursts of his little Pisces. But what Pisces feels means a lot to him. Father should take it into account.

Pisces Child and Pisces Mother

These two understand each other perfectly. Pisces mother is full of sympathy and is always ready to help her child. Pisces child will not be afraid to say everything he thinks. However, Pisces child needs discipline. Otherwise, this child may become too demanding and even capricious.

Pisces Child and Pisces Father

Sensitive Pisces father will never force his little Pisces do what he does not want. He will let his Pisces child develop freely. Pisces child is happy that father perceives him as a kind, caring and creative person.

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