Libra Child

Libra Child

Children of Libra really want to be beautiful. They are keenly interested in art, love elegant clothes, jewelry, flowers, have good sense of color, taste in clothes, they like to surround themselves with beautiful things. Children-Libra love order and comfort in their house, so they will often help you keep the house tidy. They love both to receive guests and go on visits, they love the atmosphere of feast. To give chic and attractiveness to the most of usual and familiar things is their natural ability – they are very good at decorating a festive table, a Christmas tree, arranging flowers. Artistic and musical abilities are often found in the children of Libra.

Favorite Games and Toys of Libra Child

Libra easily gets acquainted with other children and quickly gets friends. Libra is always in a center of conversation. It is important for your child to be in a company, and when he/she feels loneliness, can create make-believe friends instead. However, it is important for Libras to learn how to enhance their self-appraisal, not to lose their individuality by adjusting to many people. Buy your child-Libra only beautiful toys, because, like the adult representatives of this sign, this child has a strong inclination to beauty. The room of Libra child should be aesthetically and tastefully furnished.

Education of Libra Child

In school, Libras manifest themselves as conscientious pupils, their behavior is always decent and modest. Teachers often set them as examples to classmates. The exact sciences are more difficult for them, but their innate, sophisticated mind is able to master any discipline. However, their knowledge is not very deep. Libra studies only on duty. Libra's mind is quick and logical, they have great curiosity. Libra children have a sophisticated, objective thinking, the ability to compare and process information.

Libra Girl

She is sweet, delicate and graceful, loves flowers and animals. Dress your daughter, adhering to a combination of styles and tones, make her beautiful hairstyle. Libra girl wants to be perfect. She will not fight, climb trees and ride a bike on a par with boys. This is a little aristocrat. Libra girls can spend hours watching the beauty, they like fairy tales about princesses and wizards. These girls are touched by the sunset and the quiet waters of a river. Girl-Libra loves to prettify her dolls, to sew fashionable dresses for them.

Libra Boy

Libra boy is polite and tidy, not afraid to be the first to talk to adults. His character combines softness, poise and pliability. These children are interested in construction sets, and later in books. Almost all Libras have musical talent, so already from the age of three they can easily be taught music and dancing. Libras are rather hesitating, they always doubt. Often, they measure twice, but can't decide to cut at least once. You need to instill the boy of this sign true male qualities, to teach him be more firm and resolute.

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