Libra Child

Libra Child

Libra child really wants to be beautiful. Young Libra loves elegant clothes, jewelry, flowers and likes to surround him or herself with beautiful things. The child is keenly interested in art and has good sense of color. Libra child loves order and comfort in the house, so he or she will often help you keep the house tidy. Libra Girl and Libra Boy both love receiving guests and paying visits; they love the atmosphere of feast. To give chic and attractiveness to the most of usual and familiar things is Libra child's natural ability. Young Libra is very good at decorating a festive table, a Christmas tree and arranging flowers. Artistic and musical abilities are often found in the children of Libra.

Libra Girl

Libra girl is sweet, delicate and graceful, loves flowers and animals. Dress your daughter, adhering to a combination of styles and tones; make her beautiful hairstyle. Libra girl wants to be perfect. She will not fight, climb trees and ride a bike on a par with boys. This is a little aristocrat. Libra girls can spend hours watching the beauty, they like fairy tales about princesses and wizards. These girls are touched by the sunset and the quiet waters of a river. Girl-Libra loves to prettify her dolls, to sew fashionable dresses for them.

Libra Boy

Libra boy is polite and tidy, not afraid to be the first to talk to adults. His character combines softness, poise and pliability. These children are interested in construction sets, and later in books. Almost all Libras have musical talent, so already from the age of three they can easily be taught music and dancing. Libras are rather hesitating, they always doubt. Often, they measure twice, but can't decide to cut at least once. You need to instill the boy of this sign true male qualities, to teach him be more firm and resolute.

Parent-Child Relationships

Libra Child and Aries Mother

Calm Libra child and emotional Aries mother look different. However, the child and his mother may perfectly complement each other. Young Libra very often lacks confidence and hesitates. Sometimes the child needs a good push in the back, which would help him or her fully use their potential. Optimistic Aries mother will help her little Libra believe in her or himself and bring out their talents.

Libra Child and Aries Father

Aries father adores his Libra child. This father is active and always full of ideas. However, this father has to understand that little Libra needs to save energy and not waste it unless it is necessary. This is Libra's way of maintaining physical and emotional balance, and not laziness at all. If Aries father is more patient to his little Libra, their relationship will be harmonic.

Libra Child and Taurus Mother

Taurus mother is full of love for her Libra child. She protects her child from everything and does not mind her or his relaxing. She is an excellent homemaker and cook. Next to such a caring mother, Libra child feels safe. However, this mother should not be overprotective of her little Libra. This child needs communication with peers and meeting different people.

Libra Child and Taurus Father

Taurus father and Libra child can have rather warm relations. They both avoid conflicts. Libra child tends to hide his emotions inside. However, Taurus father is more sensitive to the emotions of his child than it seems. He often tries to hug the child and gently asks him or her to tell about their worries. Libra child needs to learn how to make decisions, and the patient father Taurus is the person who would help him do that.

Libra Child and Gemini Mother

Libra child and Gemini mother can be the best friends. They understand each other and often have fun together. Tedious household chores usually annoy a Gemini woman. Fortunately, sociable little Libra makes a good company for this mother. Gemini mother tends to make and change decisions very quickly, while little Libra needs much more time for that. Gemini mother is able to teach the child to make decisions but she will not decide for him or her.

Libra Child and Gemini Father

Gemini father is full of great ideas that he loves to share with his Libra child. This father will not only develop Libra's imagination, but also teach common sense. They both like to think and talk, though little Libra cannot always keep up with his Gemini father's acute mind. Gemini men tend to spoil children. However, this father will do everything to arouse determination and self-confidence in the hesitating Libra child.

Libra Child and Cancer Mother

Relations between Libra child and Cancer mother are always not simple but interesting. Young Libra does not always understand his or her emotional mother. Constantly trying to protect her child, Cancer woman might begin to rule his or her whole life. The child must be confident and sociable. Therefore, Cancer mother should give little Libra more freedom to find his own path and learn to make his own decisions.

Libra Child and Cancer Father

Libra child and Cancer father can enjoy great relationship. Little Libra needs a wide range of interests, and father will be happy to take part in his entire favorite pastimes. However, they both sometimes need time to be alone. Little Libra knows well that he can rely on his father and always count on his love, no matter what happens.

Libra Child and Leo Mother

Libra child adores generous Leo mother. This mother spares nothing for her children. She wants her child to be the best and she may be overbearing. However, she needs to convince her Libra baby that he or she is loved, and carefully help them go his own way. They both are sociable and may enjoy having time together.

Libra Child and Leo Father

Confident and ambitious Leo father will be reliable support for Libra child. Such a father will be able to teach his little Libra become more decisive and creative. However, Leo father expects his child to be perfect. Being afraid to disappoint his father, Libra child will try to please him. In general, Leo father should not impose anything on his child. Only encouragement and support of a loving father will always be the best gift for his little Libra.

Libra Child and Virgo Mother

Libra child and Virgo mother have so much in common. This mother likes order and Libra child likes comfort. However, little Libra may be lazy from time to time. Strict Virgo mom will not let her child be disobedient with her. For Libra child rational discipline is useful. This mother is able to teach her little Libra to be organized and not put off till tomorrow what can be done today.

Libra Child and Virgo Father

Relations between Libra child and Virgo father are usually smooth, without splashes. Practical Virgo man loves order and discipline. He is willing to help young Libra organize and plan everything that his child needs. Virgo father should not interfere in the child's life too actively and make decisions for him. If little Libra does not learn to make decisions on his own, he or she will simply be confused when their father is not around. Virgo father should encourage his child in every possible way.

Libra Child and Libra Mother

Libra child and Libra mother is a perfect match. They both appreciate optimism and friendliness in each other. With such a sociable and cheerful mother the child will never get bored. Libra mom will develop creative abilities of her little Libra. The mother should keep in mind that her child needs support to strengthen his or her character.

Libra Child and Libra Father

Libra child and Libra father always have common interests. Libra father will try his child choose his own path in life. He believes that children should have an opportunity for natural development, and without parents' imposition or pressure. However, he must remember that little Libra needs help when it comes to making a decision. Moreover, the father should not decide for the child, but only bring him to the right choice. This couple of Libra will be able to find their balance in order to build a relationship full of love and care.

Libra Child and Scorpio Mother

There are many differences between Libra child and Scorpio mother. However, courageous Scorpio mother has a lot to teach her Libra child. Alongside such a mother, Libra child will become more confident and ambitious. Besides, Scorpio mother should give her young Libra more freedom of choice.

Libra Child and Scorpio Father

Relations between Libra child and Scorpio father are not simple. Scorpio man can be too strict and demanding in family. Nevertheless, he wants only the best for his children. In fact, the reasonable strictness of Scorpio father will have a positive effect on his little Libra. It will awake in him those qualities that will help hesitating Libra child become a leader. The father should remember if little Libra objects to the demands, he or she might become passive and indifferent.

Libra Child and Sagittarius Mother

Libra child and Sagittarius mother feel great in each other's company. They both adore talking. Together young Libra and mother can talk for hours on various topics and play interesting games. Travelling is one of their likings. They enjoy their life having possibilities to travel. A kind-hearted, energetic and cheerful mother will be able to find suitable activities for her little Libra.

Libra Child and Sagittarius Father

Sagittarius father involves Libra child in the realization of his own dreams and ideas. The child takes part in that with great pleasure. Love of adventure captivates them both. Sagittarius father will also help his child to develop self-confidence. Alongside such a caring father young Libra can grow up really kind and generous person. However, Sagittarius father should also be careful and not demand too much from the child. Libra needs to get used to independence.

Libra Child and Capricorn Mother

Relations between Libra child and Capricorn mother are complicated. Serious Capricorn mother worries about future of her child. Conflicts may happen between them. Sometimes it is hard for mother to understand that Libra child needs more time for rest. This child requires more love and care, and mom must remember that. Someday young Libra will thank the mom for teaching to be responsible and ambitious.

Libra Child and Capricorn Father

Libra child is proud of his successful Capricorn father. The father is able to organize the child's life in the best way, giving him or her to experience taste of freedom. Capricorn father often considers his child just a funny dreamer making silly plans. Little Libra in his soul would like his or her father to share the joy of dreams and to be more unexpected and less serious. Young Libra and this father are very attached to each other. They get along wonderfully, though they are quite different.

Libra Child and Aquarius Mother

Libra child and Aquarius mother are rather different. However, they can have an interesting time together. Thanks to remarkable intuition of Aquarius woman, she feels her little Libra's needs. They both like talking and share their dreams with each other. Aquarius mother is giving enough freedom to her child; little Libra benefits from this, learning to make his or her own decisions.

Libra Child and Aquarius Father

Energetic Aquarius father leaves no chance for laziness to Libra child. This father has a creative mind, and little Libra is happy to share his or her ideas with him. Libra child really likes a spontaneous approach to life of his or her Aquarius father. Child's life is full of changes and unexpected events. Aquarius father is able to explain to his child how to gain confidence not looking at others. The father also teaches him how to perceive his own desires, and then make right decisions.

Libra Child and Pisces Mother

Being beside such a kind and loving Pisces mother, Libra child feels adored and very safe. However, their relations are not simple. Both of them do not like conflicts, but they happen though. Caring Pisces mom often spoils her little Libra with too much freedom and love. She should remember that this child needs discipline. Otherwise, he may become uncontrolled and stubborn.

Libra Child and Pisces Father

Pisces father is a tender and patient to his Libra child. He invents a great variety of entertainments for his little Libra. Pisces Father and Libra child always have something to talk of. Pisces father develops creative abilities in his little Libra. The child will someday be grateful to recall his or her childhood as the most wonderful time of their life.

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