Libra Sign

Libra Sign

Libra sign is always aspiring to harmony. Representatives of Libra sign are pleasant, benevolent, and active people. Libra sign character is made of equal parts of kindness, tenderness, fairness, the precise argumentation, philosophical logic and hesitancy. Libra sign possesses fantastic ability to concentrate and penetrate deeply into the essence of subjects. People of Libra sign never take hasty decisions. They love books, the harmony of poetry, art, sounds, and flowers. When Libra sign is balanced, there comes harmony between rich intelligence and loving, sympathizing heart.

Libra Career

Libra sign people work much. They are scrupulous in work, fair, honest, and extremely responsible. The majority of Libra sign women work because they need money for purchasing pleasant things.

Libra Love

The words "love" and "balance" are synonyms for Libra sign. Libra woman is able to hide her keen intellect behind charming feminity. Libra woman cannot live alone and knows how to satisfy the man who needs both romanticism and support. Libra woman is sentimental and very sensual. Libra man can win practically any woman.

Libra Health

Libra sign people are physically and intellectually sound. Sensitive parts of Libra sign body are chest and legs. Libra sign should not forget about rest. Libra sign optimism can turn into panic attacks, which may become aggravated by depression.

Libra Woman

The mind of Libra woman operates with man's logic and she can be an interesting partner in any discussion. The decisions of Libra woman are carefully thought over. Libra woman loves children. Sometimes Libra woman can run to an extreme.

Libra Man

Very few women can resist the smile of Libra man. Life with Libra man is pleasant, easy and cheerful. Libra man doesn't like to say "No". Women can trust Libra man. Libra man is happy to spend money for things of beauty and forever joys. Libra man needs harmony in everything. Children get a lot of good from Libra man. Wife is always at first place for Libra man.

Libra Child

Warm family atmosphere, cozy house where to hide from all adversity and relax peacefully - that is what Libra child needs. Sound sleep is necessary for Libra more than for other signs. These children are not so strong, they get tired quickly, but rarely complain and demand attention to themselves. They are happy to communicate both, with their peers and with adults, like when guests are in the house. It is difficult sometimes to understand your Libra child, who is constantly painfully looking for harmony and balance of life.
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Famous Libra People

Friedrich Nietzsche, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Serena Williams, Theresa May, Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Silvio Berlusconi, Guillermo del Toro, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hugh Jackman...
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