Snake Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Snake Chinese Zodiac Sign

Wisdom, caution, restraint and ambition are the main attributes of Snake sign in Chinese zodiac. Snake is the most mysterious sign among all Chinese zodiac signs. Like snakes people under this sign tend to regenerate the energy. Due to their inborn foresight, Snakes are able to think one step ahead and always achieve their goal. However, they might be rather suspicious and ruthless to anyone who will stand in their way. Snakes born in summer or spring are strong-willed and optimistic. For the Snakes born in winter, calm and humility are typical. People under this sign are true lovers of beauty. They are sociable and intelligent persons. However, they hate idle talk.

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Snake Zodiac Sign Traits

The leading Snake Zodiac Sign Traits are wisdom, self-control, strong will and intuition. Different from other, Snakes have inborn foresight. They often foresee future events and tend to think ahead. Snakes are very cautious and prudent. They rarely trust others and rely on themselves. They are very ambitious and usually achieve their goals. Their sociability let them feel well in any company. Their wonderful sense of humor and diplomacy let them prevent any conflict. However, small talks are not interesting for them. Snakes are optimistic and kind. Yet, they might be cruel to anyone who will stand in their way. Usually Snake is rather closed. It is silent and likes to keep a distance in relations. People can hardly guess the Snake's minds and feelings. Snakes are very attractive and charming personalities. They have an analytical mind and can make a good employee. Being strong-willed and hardworking, Snakes know how to earn money. Representatives of this sign tend to become very rich. However, Snakes constantly have fears of losing their money.

Snake Zodiac Sign Strengths

General Snake Zodiac sign strengths are wisdom, good intuition and self-control. They are also strong-willed and intelligent. Talented and smart snakes do not like to show their abilities. On the contrary, they are moving straight to their goals silently and always achieve them. Their inborn "sixth sense" and hard work help them to succeed in any business. Snakes can become very good entrepreneurs or managers. Their charm let them feel well in any company. Snake is wise and faithful to its ideals. Strong and persistent Snake goes forward to its goal.

Snake Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Snake Zodiac sign weaknesses are jealousy, inconstancy and offensiveness. Snakes are sensitive to critique and never listen to anybody. They might be too arrogant and jealous in relations with close people. Sometimes they are too silent and closed. To achieve their goals Snakes are capable of even betrayal and lie. Trying to help somebody they might seem too annoying. The most of Snakes are self-serving. They like money and usually do not like to lend them. That is why they seemed to be greedy.

Snake Woman

As a rule, the Snake woman is well educated, intelligent and elegant. She possesses inherent peculiar magic and ability always to perform everything to the best. Wise and intelligent Snake woman usually succeeds in any chosen field of activity. However, to achieve her goal she is capable of setting the traps for her rivals, bribery and hypocrisy. Like a snake that sheds its skin, the woman of this sign tends to constantly changing. It does not matter what it is appearance, job or a partner. Snake woman has an excellent intuition and rarely takes somebody's advice. Snake is rather sensitive nature, and any failures might annoy her. She loves to dominate over people. However, she achieves it not openly, but by means of her inner magic. Snake woman is beautiful, wise, calm, and besides - a wonderful wife and mother. However, she is demanding, and not everyone is able to please her. She tends to choose a partner firstly with her mind and then with her heart.

Snake Man

In the Chinese zodiac, Snake man is a mysterious person. He usually makes a good career, being forward-looking, ambitious and hard working. He is a silent and pleasant person with an excellent sense of humor. However, he is very proud, and never admits his mistakes. This man hates any scandals and usually avoids conflicts. Snake man is observing and prudent. He loves beautiful and expensive things. Possessing an innate magnetism and charisma, he is capable of attracting any woman. Snake man prefers calm and silent women that will be absolutely loyal to him. He tends to be rather jealous and commanding in relations. However, he can be a good husband.

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Bernardo Bertolucci, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Emmanuel Macron, Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Hawking...
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