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Ox Chinese Zodiac Sign

Hard work, honesty, patience, perseverance and independence - these are the main attributes of Ox sign in Chinese zodiac. The Ox is a down-to-earth realist. Being emotionally restrained, it is stable and reliable, confident in his business and feelings. The Ox does not like adventures. People under this sign are contemplative before taking actions and just need an accurate and reliable plan to follow. The Ox is uncompromising and despises weakness in others. Good health and a beautiful physique are typical of this sign. The Ox is wise, but sometimes it lacks a sense of humor and enthusiasm.

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Ox Zodiac Sign Traits

The leading Ox zodiac sign traits are hard work, honesty, discipline and integrity. Representatives of this sign are people with strong moral principles and high self-esteem. Since Ox people are self-reliable, they are not used to applying to others for help. Having strong moral values Ox people will never achieve their goals through unfair means. The high level of intelligence and logical mindset compensate some lack of imagination and insight. Representatives of this sign are introverts. However, they usually have natural leadership traits. Subordinates respect them for justice, and management for responsibility and discipline. People born in the year of the Ox are patient and tireless workers, willing to bring all things to a successful outcome. However, they are poorly suitable for work of diplomacy or public relations. Ox people are not used to living in debt and do not like to lend money to others. Being not wasteful by nature, they know how to live within their means. Among the representatives of this sign, you rarely find true romantics. Ox people are not good in making compliments and giving romantic gifts. In love, they prefer the gradual development of relationships to a rapid torrid love affair. The marriage of people born in the year of the Ox according to the Chinese zodiac is usually very long. Representatives of this sign are very sensitive to the break in relations with a partner. Unlike other signs of Chinese zodiac, the Ox does not fall into depression. Abstracting from emotional sufferings, Ox people usually completely plunge into work. The character of the people under this sign is significantly affected by the time of day at which they were born. People born during the day are usually more active than those born at night.

Ox Zodiac Sign Strengths

Among Ox zodiac sign strengths are prudence, persistence and thoroughness in everything. People born under the Ox sign bear also such characteristics as honesty, patriotism and healthy ambition. Family and work are always in priority for them. They rarely come under the influence of other people and circumstances. These are strong personalities that rely on their own strengths and abilities in everything. They never make rash decisions. The nature usually gives the Ox people great physical strength and endurance. Thirst for self-expression and professionalism makes the Ox people inborn leaders.

Ox Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

One of the Ox zodiac sign weaknesses is stubbornness. People of this sign rarely listen to other people's advice and criticism. They do not know how, do not wish, and therefore do not even try to change something in themselves. Usually they lack sensitivity and delicacy in communication. In relation to other people, Ox people may be unsociable, inflexible and indifferent. However, they always show great care and affectionate for their families.

Ox Woman

Ox woman treats everything in her life seriously. Usually she is restrained and quiet. The same time she has steel will and seems to have absolutely no need for male support. She is neat and punctual. For Ox woman, reciprocity in love is of great importance. In marriage, she is reliable, faithful and spends all her efforts to create a strong and friendly family. She will never allow her husband to wear a dirty shirt or socks with holes. Her children will never eat poorly cooked food and will definitely get a good education. She is able to competently manage the family budget. Ox woman is always trying to be the perfect wife and mother. For this, she is ready to do even more than she can. Women born in the year of the Ox are usually happy in marriage.

Ox Man

Ox man, according to the Chinese zodiac, has a strong-willed character. At work and in the family, his words are law. He is always firm on key issues and knows how to lead people. Possessing the materialistic life view, Ox men treats everything seriously. They are not used to gambling and generally avoid unnecessary risk. For them, stability, safety and order are important. In any business, the Ox man requires high commitment and effort from others, including himself. He rarely possesses the power of seduction. He looks clumsy in flirting with the opposite sex. However, in marriage he is a faithful and trustworthy partner who will never disappoint. Usually, men born in the year of the Ox love their family very much and try their best for its wealth.

Famous People Born In The Year of The Ox

Anthony Hopkins, B.B. King, Bruno Mars, Malcolm X, Morgan Freeman, Ridley Scott, Robert F. Kennedy...
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