Cancer Child

Cancer Child

The leading Cancer child personality traits are charm and obedience. The evaluation of Cancer children's close relatives especially mum and dad is essential for them. Therefore, they always try hard and do everything as well as they can. Any task they do carefully and with elements of creativity; that is just as long as it works for them. As soon as small Cancers do not like something, they quickly begin to act up and it is hard to reason with them. They do not like to be among the people they know little for a long time. Such children prefer to spend more time at home near their mum; they feel safe and can be at ease. Cancer child is influenced by food; it needs to be quite varied and low in calories.

Cancer Girl

An essential feature of a Cancer girl is her special sensitivity to the mood of the people around her. She subtly feels the nuances of relationships between loved ones and any disharmony can hurt her deeply. Only if an atmosphere of love and understanding surrounds her, the Cancer girl feels safe and her talents start to reveal themselves. She is very imaginative. She draws, models in clay, and loves to embroider. It is a special joy for her to care about houseplants and pets. She can brush her favorite cat for hours and decorate it with various bows and hairpins. At school the Cancer girl is doing well but only if, she likes her teachers. Her favorite subject is History. She is good at remembering dates and can spend hours enthusiastically telling about the events of bygone days. The same is with literature; she adores poems. Her well-being by and large depends on the mood. It is important for the Cancer girl to limit any stresses and eat less sweet.

Cancer Boy

Cancer boys are very vulnerable and sensitive. They have a very rich imagination and it helps them to study with ease such subjects as Literature, History, and Geography. However, it is necessary to remember that they must not watch action and horror films. It may have a negative impact on the mood of a Cancer boy and disturb his peaceful sleep. Another important feature of a Cancer boy is responsibility and independence. These qualities should be taught him from his early age. The boy needs to be given various orders when he makes decisions himself. For instance - he can go shopping or to the post office. In such a way, he will build self – confidence and self-assurance. It must be understood that the Cancer boy can have his little secrets and his inner space should be protected from careless invasion. It is necessary to be attentive to food. Food should be freshly prepared, varied and low-calorie, so as Cancer boys like to eat much.

Parent-Child Relationships

Cancer Child and Aries Mother

Cancer child and Aries mother are so different. Aries mother is just a model of activity, while her Cancer child lives in a world of emotions. This child is easily offended and gloomed when a not-so-tactful Aries mother says something that is not so easy to bear. Cancer child will worry about that for quite some time. Aries mother's tenderness is the only remedy for such cases.

Cancer Child and Aries Father

Relationships between Cancer child and Aries father are not simple. Aries is always full of ideas and likes to be in public. Little Cancer loves home and often lacks attention of his father. However, Cancer child adores leadership skills of Aries father. Self-assured Aries father will help young Cancer to develop his or her capacities.

Cancer Child and Taurus Mother

Cancer child and Taurus mother really enjoy each other's company. Little Cancer loves the comfort created by Taurus mother, and feels safe, feeling her warmth and attention. Taurus mother is happy that her child respects what is dear to her, helps to take care of her sweet home and enjoys her exquisite cuisine.

Cancer Child and Taurus Father

Cancer child and Taurus father share their love for comfort and peace. Kind-hearted Taurus father is willing to do anything for his little Cancer. He will be able to give his child confidence and show how to achieve success. Taurus father will not judge too much if something does not work out.

Cancer Child and Gemini Mother

Cancer child and Gemini mother do not always understand each other. Gemini mother is a little too quick and talkative. Cancer child is calm and lives in a world of feelings and emotions. Gemini mother will teach her little Cancer to be more openhearted and sociable.

Cancer Child and Gemini Father

Cancer child and Gemini father might be good friends. Little Cancer likes Gemini's sense of humor, and they can often laugh together. Unlike Gemini father, young Cancer does not like a risk and will never forget about caution. This child loves home. Sociable Gemini father should find time for his child so as little Cancer must be sure that he or she is needed.

Cancer Child and Cancer Mother

Cancer Child is happy to have such a kind and affectionate Cancer mother who gives her little Cancer all the love and support that he or she dreams about. They both love home comfort. Cancer child and Cancer mother are emotionally unstable. When both are bored simultaneously, they simply do not have enough energy to comfort each other.

Cancer Child and Cancer Father

Cancer child and Cancer father is a perfect match. Cancer father devotes much time to upbringing and tries to provide his children a good start in life. He does his best developing his little Cancer capacities. This father safely accepts Cancer baby mood swings. He knows that his child is as sensitive as he is. It is important for elder Cancer to know that he is valued as a caring and prudent parent; his Cancer child has no doubt about it.

Cancer Child and Leo Mother

Leo mother is bright and graceful personality. She likes to be in the spotlight. Little Cancer is shy and prefers to be in the shade. However, Cancer child and Leo mother complement each other. Leo is generous mother and helps her sensitive little Cancer to become more confident. She is happy to have such a loving and thankful child.

Cancer Child and Leo Father

Leo father likes to be worshipped by his children. Even though little Cancer may not share his father's views connection between Cancer child and Leo father may be strong. Cancer child loves to feel protected, and next to a large and strong Leo father, it is not difficult. Little Cancer will gladly accept some wise advice of his father if he finds a way carefully to help his baby Cancer.

Cancer Child and Virgo Mother

Virgo mother tries to be a real friend to Cancer child. Of course, Virgo mother will teach her little Cancer to be more practical. She would not want her child to live only dreams and do nothing. Cancer child lives in the world of emotions, and sometimes it may seem that he or she is far from reality. Virgo mother should help her baby Cancer feel what life is.

Cancer Child and Virgo Father

Cancer child understands his Virgo father very well. Virgo father likes order and discipline. Cancer child is obedient and listens attentively what Virgo father says until he or she understands it. Virgo dad should not demand anything without explaining because Cancer child is able to rebel against rules that are not clear to him or her.

Cancer Child and Libra Mother

Logical Libra mother and dreamy Cancer child are attentive to each other. Libra is an easygoing, sociable person. Cancer child, on the contrary, lives in his or her own world and is full of fantasies, deep thoughts and feelings. Although it is difficult for Libra mother to understand the deeper emotional nature of her little Cancer, she is able to give her child everything. She just needs to tune in to it.

Cancer Child and Libra Father

Harmony in relationships between Cancer child and Libra father is quite possible. Optimistic Libra Papa is trying to teach his little Cancer to look at life openly. It is very useful for little Cancer, who is able to plunge into the world of melancholy.

Cancer Child and Scorpio Mother

Cancer child reveals his or her secrets to Scorpio mother. Mom is happy to share her secrets. Cancer child respects his or her Scorpio mother. Little Cancer is proud to be protected by such a strong personality. Mom Scorpio is pleased to have a child with whom it is easy to be. Both of them belong to signs of water, and each understands the other's need for self-defense.

Cancer Child and Scorpio Father

Cancer child and Scorpio father are quite secretive, but they can trust each other their feelings and thoughts. Scorpio father likes order and discipline and sometimes can be too rough. In this case, sensitive Cancer child may retreat into himself or herself. Cancer child needs more understanding and affection of Scorpio father.

Cancer Child and Sagittarius Mother

Cancer child adores Sagittarius mother. Sagittarius mom certainly will try to create a good home in which her sensitive little Cancer would feel happy. She will strongly support and develop the imaginative abilities of her Cancer child. When Sagittarius mother is around, little Cancer will never feel bored. Sagittarius mother treats the child as the best friend and creates a safe environment around him or her.

Cancer Child and Sagittarius Father

Cancer child and Sagittarius father have a great time together. Sagittarius father will develop creative abilities of his little Cancer. He will encourage the child to open his inner world. A little Cancer definitely needs it. Optimistic and straightforward Sagittarius father will teach the Cancer child to enjoy life.

Cancer Child and Capricorn Mother

Cancer child and Capricorn mother do not have strong emotional links. However, their love for home and family unites them. Capricorn makes every effort to be a perfect mother. Sometimes it is difficult for her to show her tender and love, which little Cancer needs so much. As a talented and educated woman Capricorn mother will always be able to support her child and bring up an intelligent person.

Cancer Child and Capricorn Father

Relationships between Capricorn father and Cancer child can be conflicting from time to time. They both are ambitious. Next to his Cancer child, amiable Capricorn will try to be more flexible and gentle. This child with his imagination will open to his father a new world, so little understood by Capricorn.

Cancer Child and Aquarius Mother

Aquarius mother and Cancer child are slightly different. Aquarius mother is logical and at the same time an unpredictable person. As a woman of excellent intuition, she can easily win the heart of the child. She is sincere in her feelings for little Cancer, though does not demonstrate that. This mother does her best to make the child happy. She shows the child that he or she is important to her.

Cancer Child and Aquarius Father

Cancer child is very attached to Aquarius father. The energy emanating from the father is very attractive for the obedient little Cancer. At the same time, the father is delighted to communicate with his child. The father wants to teach the child to be relaxed and not to be afraid of the world around him or her. Such approach will be to the advantage of the child and create the harmony in relationship between Aquarius father and Cancer child.

Cancer Child and Pisces Mother

Pisces mother gets along with Cancer child quite well. They sometimes understand each other without words. Mother's boundless love always resonates in the soul of the child. Pisces mother feels with her heart fears, dreams and hopes of her child. Pisces mother can teach her little Cancer to trust in him or herself.

Cancer Child and Pisces Father

Cancer child finds in his Pisces father a friend and a supporter. Pisces is a loving father. He understands changeable mood of his little Cancer. The father's intuition tells him how to protect the child from irritation. He is happy to help Cancer develop his or her imagination and creativity.

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