Cancer Child

Cancer Child

Cancer child is sweet, charming and obedient. The evaluation of Cancer children's close relatives especially mum and dad is essential for them. Therefore, they always try hard and do everything as well as they can. Any task they do carefully and with elements of creativity; but that is just as long as it works for them. As soon as small cancers do not like something, they quickly begin to act up and it is hard to reason with them. They do not like to be among the people they know little for a long time. Such children prefer to spend more time at home near their mum: so they feel safe and can be at ease. Cancer child is strongly influenced by food; it needs to be freshly prepared and quite varied.

Favorite Games and Toys of Cancer Child

Cancer child loves to play in the garden, to be in nature. Such children adore taking care of pets especially of young animals: puppies, kittens.

Education of Cancer Child

Children of Cancer usually do well at school, college. Thanks to their rich imagination, they easily comprehend such disciplines as History, Geography, Music, and Drawing.

Cancer Girl

An essential feature of a Cancer girl is her special sensitivity to the mood of the people around her. She subtly feels the nuances of relationships between loved ones and any disharmony can hurt her deeply. Only if an atmosphere of love and understanding surrounds her, the Cancer girl feels safe and her talents start to reveal themselves. She is very imaginative. She draws, models in clay, and loves to embroider. It is a special joy for her to care about houseplants and pets. She can brush her favorite cat for hours and decorate it with various bows and hairpins. At school the Cancer girl is doing well but only if, she likes her teachers. Her favorite subject is History. She is good at remembering dates and can spend hours enthusiastically telling about the events of bygone days. The same is with literature; she adores poems. Her well-being by and large depends on the mood. It is important for the Cancer girl to limit any stresses and eat less sweet.

Cancer Boy

Cancer boys are very vulnerable and sensitive. They have a very rich imagination and it helps them to study with ease such subjects as Literature, History, and Geography. However, it is necessary to remember that they must not watch action and horror films. It may have a negative impact on the mood of a Cancer boy and disturb his peaceful sleep. Another important feature of a Cancer boy is responsibility and independence. These qualities should be taught him from his early age. The boy needs to be given various orders when he makes decisions himself. For instance - he can go shopping or to the post office. In such a way, he will build self – confidence and self-assurance. It must be understood that the Cancer boy can have his little secrets and his inner space should be protected from careless invasion. It is necessary to be attentive to food. Food should be freshly prepared, varied and low-calorie, so as Cancer boys like to eat much.

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