Monkey Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Monkey Chinese Zodiac Sign

Monkey sign in Chinese zodiac symbolizes curiosity, quick mind and ability to get along with everyone. Monkey people have the most eccentric character of all the signs. At first sight, Monkeys are cheerful and calm. However, they hide their real thoughts and feelings very well. In fact they might be very mercenary and vindictive. Monkeys are smart, quick and tend to be in the limelight. Monkey people are born intellectuals who have a constant passion for learning new things. As a rule, they have an excellent education and good memory. Their quick mind helps them to solve the most complicated tasks. Monkeys are enthusiastic, clever and confident. However, to reach the goal they might be unfair or lie for their own interest.

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Monkey Zodiac Sign Traits

The main Monkey zodiac sign traits are sociability, enthusiasm and quick mind. They are full of enthusiasm, self-assured and responsible. Their great sense of humor makes them popular in any company. Cheerful and smart Monkey easily gets along with people. They are pleasant and interesting to people. Their insightful mind helps them to catch necessary information to use it for future benefit. However, Monkey people are too independent and never do something against their will. They can be too impulsive and often make conflicts. Monkey people are active, clever and quick-witted. They have a wonderful memory and like competition. They tend to win and usually reach their goals. However, they can be too selfish and dishonest. Monkeys have an ability to feel good under any conditions. This trait helps them to succeed in everything. They are always moving and cannot stand monotonous life. One of the most problematic areas in Monkey's life is love relationships. In love, they are rarely happy. Monkey easily falls in love, but also easily loses interest in the partner and switches to another love.

Monkey Zodiac Sign Strengths

General Monkey zodiac sign strengths are curiosity, quick mind and confidence. Monkeys are communicative and have a wonderful sense of humor. They easily get along with people and feel good in any company. They have quick mind and can solve any complicated task. Monkeys tend to make a good career. They are cheerful and do not like to bore. Monkey people are always full of new plans and enthusiastic about new ideas. Having a natural talent, they can be good in art. Monkeys are very clever and smart. However, they do not tend to show it. They always have a plan and go straight to their goal. In general, Monkey is charming and life loving nature.

Monkey Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Monkey zodiac sign weaknesses are cunning, selfishness and dishonesty. Arrogance and distrust to people push Monkey to bad actions. They are egoistic and not interested in others. They always think about their own benefit. Monkeys tend to be jealous to others' success. To reach their goal they are ready for deception. In love, Monkeys can be suspicious and jealous. It makes the relationships difficult. Monkeys like to manipulate people. Often they tend to use people's weaknesses for the sake of self-interest. They cannot stand any critique and do not listen to anybody.

Monkey Woman

Monkey woman looks feminine, playful and flirtatious. But at the same time, she is an ambitious and pragmatic person. She often cheats to achieve her goal. Monkey woman is touchy and does not like to hear the truth. She is charming and smart person with a good sense of humor. Usually people like to communicate with her. However, she likes to criticize others and can make conflicts. She is hard working, curious and can be a reliable friend. However, family life is not a Monkey woman's strength. Like a Monkey man, she tends to cheat on her husband if the family life seems too boring.

Monkey Man

Monkey man is ambitious, smart and talented. They usually are physically developed. Monkey men do not tolerate loneliness. They always need to communicate with people. These are curious and loving life people. Monkey men always seek for new ideas and knowledge. Being very clever and quick-witted, Monkey men tend to make an excellent career. They rarely can be poor. They like entertaining and travelling. It is hard for them to stay on one place for a long time. They are independent and self-confident, but too unstable. Unfortunately, Monkey men rarely can be happy in family life. Having married, they tend to cheat on their partner.

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Bob Marley, Dalida, Danny DeVito, David Copperfield, Elizabeth Taylor, Justin Timberlake, Michael Schumacher...
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