Dragon Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Dragon Chinese Zodiac Sign

People under the Dragon sign in Chinese Zodiac are open-hearted, intelligent and confident. They are not petty and incapable of hypocrisy. Dragons are always in the spotlight. They are smart and possess a wonderful sense of humor. However, people under the Dragon sign might be egoistic and impulsive. They do not tend to lose, and usually consider their opinion the only right one. Dragon is extremely critical to others and himself. At the same time, he is a reliable friend and family man. It is an active and ambitious personality. Having set a goal, he will never back off from it.

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Dragon Zodiac Sign Traits

The main Dragon Zodiac sign traits are power, confidence and honor. Enthusiastic Dragon symbolizes luck. They are smart and usually have success in any chosen area. They are inborn leaders and like to win. Having a good sense of humor, Dragon people attract much attention in any company. People like to listen to their opinion and advice. However, they lack diplomacy and can make conflicts. If somebody disagrees with Dragon's point of view, it may become too irritable. Dragons are generous and clever. They are hardworking natures and usually go straight forward. To achieve the goal they can work day and night. Due to their intuition, Dragons are able to plan ahead. However, they are very trusting and usually have many friends. Dragons attract surrounding people with their inner strength, energy and optimism. People born under this sign are constantly seeking knowledge. They are smart and curious. Usually they have different hobbies. It can be either collecting labels or traveling to exotic countries. Above all, Dragon people value independence and freedom.

Dragon Zodiac Sign Strengths

The main Dragon Zodiac sign strengths are kind heart, confidence and honesty. Dragons are magnetic people and have a gift to make people do, as they want. They are active and purposeful. Their foresight helps them to achieve big success in everything. Dragons are clever and strict to themselves. They always seek new knowledge and emotions. Dragon can show some sharpness while talking to people. However, they are honest and hate hypocrisy. In love, Dragon is a bit tough but loyal. The Dragon is responsive. If somebody needs a support, he usually helps in time. However, he will never make false promises.

Dragon Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The general Dragon Zodiac sign weaknesses are rudeness and egoism. Dragons may be too cruel and aggressive if not to agree with them. Even if they are absolutely wrong, they will never admit it. Other opinions are not interesting to Dragons. In relations, Dragons may be too demanding and want to control their partners. They may criticize people's faults and weaknesses. Dragons are hot-tempered and they lack tact. However, they are too trusting and often tend to be easily deceived.

Dragon Woman

Dragon woman is attractive, witty and charming. She is very communicative and easily forgives offences. She is talented and smart. These traits let her manage every deal. However, she cannot bear critiques and takes everything seriously. She is responsive and always ready to help. Though, she may show arrogance and indifference to people. Dragon women are true feminists. In family, Dragon woman usually controls everything. She thinks her opinion is the only right. Family is not the most important thing for the Dragon woman. Career is much more important for her. However, Dragon women can make good wives. They need respect and honor. Having a good fortune, they are successful in work and can make good money.

Dragon Man

Dragon Man is powerful, brave and honest. His charm helps him to be in the limelight. He is rather attractive to women, but he himself rarely loves. However, he might be too arrogant and does not listen to advice. He is an active, hardworking and inborn leader. Career is of great importance for the Dragon man. Actually, his hard work and strong will let him succeed in any chosen field. In love, the Dragon man is tough. He easily changes lovers, as the admiration of only one woman is not enough for him. Dragon man usually chooses a gentle and patient woman to marry.

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