Rat Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Rat Chinese Zodiac Sign

The Rat is the first-rated sign in the Chinese zodiac. Realism, intellect, cunning, adaptability and shrewdness are common Rat's traits. The Rat sign person achieves his goals by means of the simplest and least dangerous ways. The Rat will never take the direct way to success. The Rat sign's true character is contradictory. It is not easy to realize it. The Rats are reserved but curious. They are careful but persistent and hot-tempered.

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Rat Zodiac Sign Traits

People born in the Rat year possess such traits as brightness and intelligence. They are victory lovers. The Rats are persistent in achieving their goals. The representatives of this Chinese zodiac sign have such traits as thrift and ability to get success and wealth. The Rats are usually happy if they do not take the wealth for their only aim. They cannot stand such people's traits as laziness and extravagance. The part of the day when the Rat person was born, is crucial for this person's lifestyle. The Rat sign people born at night are more determined and decisive than those born daytime. These people possess by nature ability and willingness to keep their own secrets securely. Yet, the Rats do not miss the chance to reveal someone else's secrets, but their intentions are pure. People born under the Rat sign tend to hide their true feelings. If someone notices such Rats' traits as irritability, rudeness or thoughtlessness, they must be upset. The women born under the Rat sign have an ability to keep family budget and take a great care of their husbands and children. Men under the Rat sign are also eager to help with the chores. They gladly spend their weekends with their families. The Rat-born children absolutely trust their parents and treat them with respect. If people under the Rat sign become chiefs, they take care of their employees. They treat their employees' problems as if they were their own. Yet, they are stingy in terms of salary increase. The Rat people will absolutely achieve success and get wealth if they are able to get rid of their weaknesses.

Rat Zodiac Sign Strengths

Diligence is the Rat people's strength. They can overcome any obstacles on their way to aim. One more Rat's strength is highly developed insight and business qualities. The Rats get wiser due to living hardships and do not give up on their own plans. Unique memory and shrewdness are also Rat zodiac sign strengths. These are the reasons why the Rats become outstanding writers. Some more strengths of people born in the Rat year are vitality, resilience and sociability. They appreciate the relationship with their families and friends. The Rats take care of their children and parents. They like to take part in all kinds of activities. Their amiability is also their strength. One should take the Rat's advice to get rid of trouble. People under the Rat sign have a hidden alarm. Its signals prevent them from any risks and are their protective means.

Rat Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

As for the Rat zodiac sign weaknesses, one can mention their inherent passion for trifles, constant willingness for criticism, faultfinding and bargaining. They often buy things they do not need. Though they have natural ability to foresee any danger, the Rats sometimes make rash financial decisions. It happens because of such their weaknesses as natural striving to get as much as possible and impatience. Yet it is impossible to meet a cash-strapped Rat person. People born in the Rat year are usually very thrifty. They give expensive gifts only to those people they appreciate. One will have to arrange and bargain for a long time to make agreement and get money from the Rat people.

Rat Woman

Rat woman is a dream wife of every man. She loves her family and holds her house perfectly. Rat lady has a strong ability to adapt to any environment and is always optimistic, so she is very popular. These women are energetic and brave. They easily make decisions and tend to achieve their goals. They are also very enterprising and usually make success in career. Rat women treat their appearance well that is why their wardrobes are usually full of clothes. They are attractive and pleasant natures that have rich fantasy. Without any effort, they impress men with their inner charm. Rat women are practical and frugal and do not tend to waste money.

Rat Man

Rat man is a contradictory personality. He can be active and communicative but melancholic and irritable the same time. Rat men are rather impulsive but do not like to risk. They are witty and always full of new ideas. However, they lack confidence and can behave aggressively. Rat man is very decisive and never changes his mind. He is able to do several things simultaneously. These men usually have a brilliant intuition and may perfectly hide their feelings. Like his animal counterpart, Rat man tends to predict bad things and avoid them in time. He hates somebody to humiliate him or point what he should do. Due to their pragmatism and ambition, Rat men may be good entrepreneurs. In love, they are not romantic. However, they always seek stable serious relations and are perfect party for a family life.

Famous People Born In The Year of The Rat

Cameron Diaz, Charles Aznavour, Cristiano Ronaldo, George H. W. Bush, Gerard Depardieu, Mark Zuckerberg, Nastassja Kinski...
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