Gemini Child

Gemini Child

This is a very active and emotional child. Here are the most prominent Gemini child's personality traits. Gemini child is interested literally in everything: how can a butterfly fly and why there are clouds in the sky. His or her parents must be ready to answer various unexpected questions, so that their kid would grow a harmonious and many-sided person. Insatiable curiosity prevents this child from focusing on one thing, which is the main reason of his or her poor concentration. You should try to maintain Gemini child's craving for everything new, as well as develop patience and perseverance.

Gemini Girl

This girl is easily identified by a wide range of friends. She is capable of finding a common language with any child in her class. She likes to read poems and take notes. The attention to details and facial expressions allows her to see another person's mood and spot a lie. She wants to learn something new all the time. Foreign language courses would be good for her as well as acting classes. She can draw and use her hands very well she can easily make imitation jewelry out of improvised materials. Her gestures are graceful - she practice dancing and music. The most important thing in relationships with her parents is the ability to be friends and help each other. She won't tolerate any kind of pressure, limits or bounds. Parents' and teachers' demands have to be reasonable and fair.

Gemini Boy

If you have Gemini boy, you should be ready for a large number of friends, who would be invited to play in your house. This is very active, cheerful and easy-going child. He likes outdoor games and noisy companies. It's difficult for him to focus on one thing for a long period of time, that is why his books, toys, crayons and paints should always be close at hand. Even if he's not very diligent, he can watch his favorite film or cartoon over and over again. You should familiarize your kid with reading that would satisfy his natural aspiration for new information, and would broaden his horizons. Constant exposure to new information exhausts his nervous system big time. That's why you have to make sure your kid doesn't stay long in front of his computer, and goes to bed early. Gemini child won't tolerate any kind of pressure or bounds. If there's something you want him to do, just try to explain your position calm and clear.

Parent-Child Relationships

Gemini Child and Aries Mother

Aries mother is an inborn leader and likes to organize everything. She has much energy and enthusiasm. She tends to invent interesting activities for her Gemini child if he or she gets bored. They always have something to talk about. Both of them look on the bright side of life.

Gemini Child and Aries Father

Mainly these two are happy with each other's company, and together they have fun. Gemini child is very quick and cannot stand boredom. Fortunately, Aries father is always full of new ideas that could occupy his Gemini child's mind.

Gemini Child and Taurus Mother

Taurus mother is patient and reserved. Sometimes she is very tired of her active and talkative little Gemini. Gemini child tends to do several things at once. Taurus mother will teach him or her to concentrate. She tries to surround her little Gemini with as much care as she can.

Gemini Child and Taurus Father

Faithful Taurus is a perfect father. He loves stability and works much to give his children everything they need. Gemini child loves changes and hardly can stay at one place for a long time. Taurus father tries to control everything on his own, which does not suits little Gemini much. However, someday Gemini will thank Taurus father for his care and support.

Gemini Child and Gemini Mother

Gemini mother likes an active lifestyle of her little Gemini. She understands her child's aspiration for change and even his or her habit of doing everything simultaneously. Gemini mother is energetic enough to answer all her Gemini baby's questions. She is quite critical to her young Gemini's shortcomings. She is able to dream with her child, because she shares Gemini child's great ideas.

Gemini Child and Gemini Father

These two are much alike. Both Gemini father and child are inconstant and are fond of changes. Both have a vivid imagination and they can support each other in those rare cases when one of them is discouraged. Gemini father is not much organized, but this does not influence his Gemini child.

Gemini Child and Cancer Mother

Caring Cancer mother tries to surround her little Gemini with all her tender love. However, she must make sure that this will not bother her freedom loving Gemini child. She is trying to protect her young Gemini from everything bad. Gemini child is bright and curious and wants to try everything. Cancer mother should give her or him more freedom.

Gemini Child and Cancer Father

Cancer father does not possess such energy like his little Gemini. Gemini child can hardly stay still. These two have to perceive each other as they are. Moreover, Gemini child is happy to have such a caring father who is patient with all his antics. Cancer father will even support him or her if some other crazy plan fails.

Gemini Child and Leo Mother

Leo mother has a loving generous heart and she understands her little Gemini very well. She is proud of her smart and inquisitive child. The mother herself deserves praise, because she gives much energy developing Gemini child's capacities. At the same time, she can put too much pressure on her child. However, Gemini child needs to feel free and make decisions him or herself.

Gemini Child and Leo Father

Gemini child adores his sociable Leo father, who is always the soul of any society. Little Gemini wants to be like him. Leo father loves his child very much and gives him or her enough freedom. Both of them are quite independent, and they will have a very good relationship without any special complaints to each other.

Gemini Child and Virgo Mother

Virgo mother is responsible and perfectly cares of her children. However, she is not so vigorous as her little Gemini. She is quite smart and down-to-earth. Gemini child is careless and likes entertaining. Virgo mother loves the curiosity of her child. With him or her, she may become more talkative.

Gemini Child and Virgo Father

Virgo father appreciates the abundance and certainty. He is a hardworking man and tries to give all necessary things to his little Gemini. Sometimes he is too strict and tends to limit the freedom of his dear Gemini too much. At the same time, he will try to teach his Gemini child to build real plans. This will bear some fruit in the future.

Gemini Child and Libra Mother

Gemini child is very fast and decisive. Libra mother's actions are carefully thought out. Libra mother and her child love to talk. Long conversations are pleasing to them both. The little Twin adores his sociable mother, who is skillful in making friends.

Gemini Child and Libra Father

Libra father perfectly understands his Gemini child. Next to him little Gemini can feel free. Most Libra fathers believe that it is good to teach the child how to make the right decision. It does not worth to order him about. Of course, Gemini child likes this, because he or she was born independent.

Gemini Child and Scorpio Mother

Both of them have enough energy, and Scorpio mother easily manages her wayward little Gemini. She worries only when Gemini child is getting out of control. In fact, Scorpio mother likes the cheerfulness of her child. She will teach her young Gemini to be courageous and support in everything.

Gemini Child and Scorpio Father

Scorpio father likes order in everything. He has a commanding presence and can offend someone terribly, but not his child. Scorpio father passionately loves his little Gemini. As an intelligent but passionate nature, this father has a lot to share with his Gemini child. Father should also remember that freedom is the thing that Gemini child appreciates the most.

Gemini Child and Sagittarius Mother

Optimistic Sagittarius mother is real value for Gemini child. She is full of energy and joy always sparkles in her eyes. She eagerly plays and teaches her curious little Gemini. They both enjoy spending the time together. She never lets her little Gemini have the blues. Their life is full of impressions and changes and everything around them splashes with energy.

Gemini Child and Sagittarius Father

Gemini child is happy to have such a sociable and erudite Sagittarius father. They good-naturedly make fun of each other and have a great time, discussing great ideas or making unrealistic plans. They not always can bring the plans to life. No matter what happens, they enjoy the conversation itself.

Gemini Child and Capricorn Mother

Capricorn mother is always searching for reliability and beauty. She does not always understand her wayward Gemini child looking for changes. As an intelligent and looking far ahead person Capricorn mother wants to be proud of her children. She will do her best and achieve that. She will help her smart little Gemini to reach all his or her plans. She just needs to be more patient and not to persist much.

Gemini Child and Capricorn Father

Capricorn father is ambitious and serious. He wants his children to be hardworking and successful. However, Gemini child skips from one plan to another leaving them unfinished. Young Gemini loves everything new and Capricorn father can wisely employ this capacity to cultivate diligence, sanity and balance in the child. Capricorn father needs to understand that his little Gemini child looks at things differently. Otherwise, conflicts are inevitable.

Gemini Child and Aquarius Mother

Mother Aquarius is a bright woman with great intuition. She always finds her way to Gemini child's heart. Their relationships are little dependent on their own emotions. They do not tend to show their love, although are attached to each other. Aquarius mother likes that her little Gemini let her live her own life; and the child is happy to revel in his freedom.

Gemini Child and Aquarius Father

Aquarius father is a good friend to his Gemini child. He will encourage development of his little Gemini, not sparing time for communication. Father Aquarius believes that there should be no intrusion and pressure in the upbringing of children. Gemini child likes that his father takes him or her just for what they are.

Gemini Child and Pisces Mother

Gemini child is much more emotional than her logical-minded Pisces mother is. Such a mother is a treasure for family and children. Her wisdom will reveal the best features of the child. Mom does not set strict limits on child's behavior. This is vital for Gemini child as he or she has an exuberant temper. Sometimes Pisces mother feels tired of her talkative child. Then she finds an opportunity to relax, retreat and indulge in dreams.

Gemini Child and Pisces Father

The father of Pisces sign is a loving father. As a romantic, delicate nature, he understands his Gemini child very well. Pisces father will develop the imagination of Gemini children by inventing different kinds of games and entertainment. He will encourage any creative initiatives of his child, but will not impose anything.

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