Gemini Child

Gemini Child

This is very active and emotional child. Gemini child is interested literally in everything: how can a butterfly fly and why are there clouds in the sky. His/her parents must be ready to answer various unexpected questions, so that their kid would grow balanced and many-sided person. His desire to learn as much as possible disturbs his ability to concentrate. You should try to develop this capacity as well as patience and consistency.

Favorite Games and Toys of Gemini Child

Gemini child really likes picture books. He has a very vivid imagination. He is fond of comics graphic stories with little text.

Education of Gemini Child

Usually there are no problems with learning. Gemini child is good at memorizing things. He masters school material very well. He has an excellent sense of beauty and natural artistism that's why it will be useful to teach him music and drawing.

Gemini Girl

This girl is easily identified by a wide range of friends. She is capable of finding a common language with any child in her class. She likes to read poems and take notes. The attention to details and facial expressions allows her to see another person's mood and spot a lie. She wants to learn something new all the time. Foreign language courses would be good for her as well as acting classes. She can draw and use her hands very well she can easily make imitation jewelry out of improvised materials. Her gestures are graceful - she practice dancing and music. The most important thing in relationships with her parents is the ability to be friends and help each other. She won't tolerate any kind of pressure, limits or bounds. Parents' and teachers' demands have to be reasonable and fair.

Gemini Boy

If you have Gemini boy, you should be ready for a large number of friends, who would be invited to play in your house. This is very active, cheerful and easy-going child. He likes outdoor games and noisy companies. It's difficult for him to focus on one thing for a long period of time, that is why his books, toys, crayons and paints should always be close at hand. Even if he's not very diligent, he can watch his favorite film or cartoon over and over again. You should familiarize your kid with reading that would satisfy his natural aspiration for new information, and would broaden his horizons. Constant exposure to new information exhausts his nervous system big time. That's why you have to make sure your kid doesn't stay long in front of his computer, and goes to bed early. Gemini child won't tolerate any kind of pressure or bounds. If there's something you want him to do, just try to explain your position calm and clear.

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