Leo Sign

Leo Sign

Leo sign is the sign of extreme conditions. Leo sign does not love melancholy and darkness. Leo sign prefers leading style of life. People of Leo sign adore giving advice. The flattery is balm to the soul of Leo sign. People belonging to Leo sign love gossip. Leo sign shows responsibility and concern to weak and helpless people. Leo sign people are true friends and powerful enemies. They are good homeowners.

Leo Career

Leo sign always knows what he wants. Leo sign people can be good organizers and leaders. They are extremely vigorous and purposeful. People of Leo sign are creative, original, strong and cheerful. Leo sign is successful in any sphere of activity. People of Leo sign love extravagance and luxury. They spend much money for pleasures and entertainments. People of Leo sign are gamblers.

Leo Love

Leo sign shows fair love. Life without love is nothing for Leo sign. He simply must lead and be loved. There are few bachelors and spinsters among people of Leo sign since they are always in love. Leo sign seldom saves money being ladies' man in love.

Leo Health

Leo sign people frequently have high temperature. They are prone to severe diseases and accidents, but are seldom ill with chronic diseases. These people are surprisingly viable. Leo sign may suffer from the diseases of heart, back, throat, and legs.

Leo Woman

Leo woman is very popular among men. Nature bestowed upon Leo woman vivacity, sharp wit, grace, beauty and sexual appeal. Leo woman loves sports and expensive things. Leo woman has fine taste and radiates positive energy. Mother Leo woman is generous to her children and gives them her love.

Leo Man

Leo man is the knight in love. Leo man can be a gentle patron and sentimental lover. Leo man needs to be idolized. Leo man is the soul of any society. Leo man appreciates beauty. Leo man possesses ability to keep his gains and is a good father.

Leo Child

Leo is a bright, jolly and cheerful child. Plays a lot with toys and loves noisy peer companies, in which always performs the principal role. Leo child loves to attract attention by every means - from loud speech to demonstrating of all the talents, with the joyful assent and accordance of the surroundings.
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Famous Leo People

Michael Kors, Coco Chanel, Usain Bolt, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Arnold Schwarzenegger...
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