Rabbit Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Sign

Sociability, friendliness, caution and good ambition - these are the main attributes of Rabbit sign in Chinese zodiac. Rabbit is a typical gentleman. Beautiful physique and good manners are typical of this sign. He knows how to impress people. Rabbit loves society and cannot stand loneliness. He is extremely cautious in decision making and actions. Naturally, openhearted and friendly Rabbit easily gets along with people and tends to avoid conflicts. However, sometimes they might seem cold and indifferent. One of the most distinctive features of this sign people is luck. They tend to be rather successful in money deals and are rarely poor.

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Rabbit Zodiac Sign Traits

The character Rabbit zodiac sign traits are sociability, friendliness, excessive caution in all deals and care. The main behavior peculiarities of Rabbit zodiac sign people are restraint and excessive caution in decisions and actions. Bright representatives are marked by a beautiful face and very bright appearance. Rabbits' natural friendliness helps them to get easily along with people. Rabbit cannot stand any conflicts. He will never provoke and participate in a conflict situation. He is diplomatic by nature. Possessing good manners, he usually makes a good impression on others, especially on women. However, when Rabbits are capricious, what often happens, they seem completely indifferent to the world. Rabbit is the luckiest of all signs in Chinese zodiac. Without any efforts, he tends to easily achieve good results in career. Rabbits are lucky in money related matters. They have a flair for lucrative deals. They may look calm, but are actually quite cunning. Being strong-willed people, they leisurely, but decisively move towards their goals. They do not like to change their decisions, but are willing to look for other means to achieve their goals. Often it is a successful, well-respected person, managing a large team. Rabbits people are ambitious but not aggressive, assertive but not rude. He is constantly worried about health and tends to suffer a lot of diseases during his life. Rabbit embodies generosity and care for others. Being responsive and kind in close relationships, Rabbit is a wonderful lover and family man. He appreciates comfort and hardly endures scandals and troubles in his private life. Being natural diplomats and peacemakers, they perform well in any environment. However, Rabbits enjoy a quiet life and love quiet home evenings.

Rabbit Zodiac Sign Strengths

General Zodiac Sign Strengths are goodwill, friendliness, generosity and care for others. A good friend and sensual lover, Rabbit has good manners and loves to communicate. He knows how to create a delicate relationship with another person. Seemingly, he is always elegant, kind in communication, helps people in distress. People under the Rabbit sign are lucky and positive persons, that tend to avoid any conflicts. Naturally, Rabbit tends to be very successful in money matters. He is able to make profits without taking extra risk, and usually might become an excellent businessman, merchant or banker. Rabbit is not interested in rebound relationships and appreciates comfort in family life.

Rabbit Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Rabbit zodiac sign weaknesses are timidity, cowardice, indecision. Being a bit silent and suspicious, they will not act if they do not know what awaits them. Rabbits are cautious and careful and always on the alert. Their defensive attitude often upsets their life balance. Worried about the future, they often stand still. Rabbits tend to be schemers and gossips, but usually get out of conflicts tactfully and carefully. Avoiding any negative situation or discussions, they often seem to be indifferent. Facing some obstacles, they prefer to escape responsibility.

Rabbit Woman

Rabbit woman is incredibly attractive, feminine and elegant person. She is talented in profession and knows how to achieve her goal. Her excellent manners and diplomacy help her avoid serious conflicts. She never promises what she cannot accomplish. Rabbit woman is a wonderful hostess and a housewife. She loves her home, and keeps it perfectly clean. She likes to meet guests in her own home, but she also appreciates social life. Thanks to her innate delicacy, Rabbit woman usually has a lot of friends. Rabbit woman is a patient and devoted wife. She tends to surround her partner with attention and care, but not forgetting about her own interests. She might become a wise wife who is able not only to give correct advice, but also to help practically. Rabbit woman is incredibly emotional and unpredictable. By the way, when she is loved, she might surround others with warmth and happiness.

Rabbit Man

Rabbit Man, according to the Chinese zodiac is a friendly, successful and respected person. He is inborn gentleman and knows how to impress woman. His good manners and great sense of humor usually attracts much attention. However, he is not interested in relationships for fun. He believes in forever love and tends to marry at a young age. He is sincere and loyal in relationships. However, he demands complete submission. Rabbit man is a respected and popular person in society. He possesses an extremely rare trait for men - an ability to listen. He prefers to listen to stories about other people's problems than to talk about them himself. Rabbit man is a born businessman. He is moderately adventurous to achieve a positive result and rarely might be poor.

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Angelina Jolie, George Michael, Jeff Bezos, Michael Jordan, Quentin Tarantino, Ralph Lauren, Whitney Houston...
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