Horse Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Horse Chinese Zodiac Sign

Horse sign in Chinese zodiac is a symbol of energy and passion. Like wild horses, Horse people are always on the move and hurry. Horses are emotional and sensible. They like different kinds of entertaining and new things. They are cheerful and like big companies. Their sociability let them to be in the spotlight. Horses are also capable of managing people. Due to communicative skills, they are able to succeed in politics. They are quick-minded and may guess people's thoughts. However, Horse is stubborn, hot-tempered and rarely listens to advice.

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Horse Zodiac Sign Traits

The main Horse zodiac sign traits are passion, sociability and hard work. Horses love to enjoy life and cannot live without travelling. They always want to be in the limelight. Active and communicative Horses hate to be alone. Horse people are always moving from one place to another. They have an excellent sense of humor. Sometimes they are too talkative and laugh a lot. Besides, Horses are able to manage the team. However, they might be absolutely uncontrolled when lose their temper. Horses appreciate their freedom and independence. Horses value what they earn and love comfort and wealthy life. They are excellent workers. Having a changeable nature, Horses tend to be tired of everything fast. But after a short rest they are able to continue work. Horses always need big companies. To hear praise and approval is important for them. They are very emotional and passionate. Horse people tend to fall in love very fast and ready to give all for love. Some of Horses are generous and affectionate people. However, most Horses tend to be true egoists and worry about their own interests only. People of this sign are attractive and do not like a calm life. They do not like to obey and never listen to advice.

Horse Zodiac Sign Strengths

Energy and enthusiasm are the main Horse Zodiac sign strengths. Horses are cheerful, charming and communicative. They always seek for new impressions. Life for the Horse is a big adventure. They are active and always on move. Horses are kind and popular in any company. Being rather ambitious and hard-working Horses love and know how to earn money. They are confident personalities and always full of energy. These active and decisive people are capable of reacting and solving any problems very fast. They are smart, flexible and able to manage people.

Horse Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Horse Zodiac sign weaknesses are impatience, inconstancy and stubbornness. Horses can be too arrogant to other people weaknesses. Sometimes they may be capricious. In relations the Horse is often rude. However, they are too trustful. Stubbornness often prevents the Horse to achieve their goal. They tend to openly tell their opinion and can make conflicts. They cannot obey and usually do not accept any advice. In conflict situations Horses might be too aggressive and reckless.

Horse Woman

Like a Horse man, Horse woman appreciates her independence and freedom. Enjoying the life is the most important for the she - Horse. It is difficult for her to obey. She has her own view and hardly listens to somebody's advice. In general, Horse woman is a kind, witty and open-hearted personality. She likes travelling and cannot stay in one place for a long time. She is sincere and does not betray or leave. However, she tends to spoil relations in such a way that she is left. She - Horse is beautiful and charismatic by nature. In love, she is not stable and tends to be tired of serious relations. In marriage Horse woman usually tends to dominate and control everything.

Horse Man

In the Chinese zodiac Horse man is independent, clever and honest. These are active and adventurous men. They enjoy spending time in the open air and participating in sport activities. Horse man is a true gentleman and knows how to attract women. If a Horse man falls in love, he is capable of doing good things. However, his feelings usually pass very fast, as Horse appreciates his freedom. Everyday life routine bores him. Horse man is honest but lacks tact. However, he is reliable and can be a loyal friend.

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Angela Merkel, Barbra Streisand, Calvin Klein, Cindy Crawford, George Soros, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Lawrence...
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