Earth Element

Earth Element

The Earth Element is a basis and mind.

Internal Essence of the Earth Element

For the earth element rationality becomes the basis of stability. Diligence and persistence are inherent for the earth element because earth is solid. But it can also be clay, a stone, a rock. There is also a degree of solidity and emotional stability. Conscientiousness inclines the earth element to submission, sense of duty, and rationality. The earth element can be on the back and without striving for anything. Earth element is liable to the analysis and doubt; it explains such features of reticence as dryness, coldness, hard-heartedness, indifference, avarice, pragmatism and a practicality.

People of the Earth Element

People of the earth element are rational, even-tempered, punctual, and adhered to reality. They are phlegmatic persons by temperament. These are earthy persons who do not make any amazing plans and projects. The motto of earth element is practicality and realism. Earth element calls a spade a spade and demands the same from others. The person belonging to earth element perceives only what is possible to see, hear and touch, only what can be confirmed materially with the demonstrable facts and without any imagination.

Compatibility of the Earth Element

Earth element should choose friends and beloved ones among the elements of earth and water. Earth element can also coexist with fire if that element does not mind his casual "fiery entertainments", as well as with air, provided that earth element will be able to bear "hurricanes" from time to time.

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