Aquarius Child

Aquarius Child

It is a calm and fussy child. He has a great desire to communicate. This is an extremely independent child, who loves freedom. Little Aquarius does not usually accept social standards trying to change them everywhere. Any injustice scares him terribly. Aquarius child is eager to take his place in society, to live in love and harmony. But at the same time he has a great desire to change the world.

Aquarius Girl

The girls of this sign are friendly and responsive. Aquarius girl likes to communicate with strangers and explore the world around. She is active, curious and stubborn. This girl has her own opinion and always full of new ideas and fantasies. She has a great number of goals and reaches them no matter what happens. Having a strong sense of compassion, she easily understands other people feelings and always tries to help.

Aquarius Boy

The leading character traits of Aquarius boy are strong will, freedom and curiosity. Since childhood, Aquarius tends to show independence. It is impossible to force the boy to follow the generally accepted rules. Aquarius is a sociable boy who likes to be in the center of attention. He is an inborn leader and a favorite of his peers, but sometimes he avoids society. Parents should not worry about their Aquarius son. It is rather a clever child that does not tend to do stupid things.

Parent-Child Relationships

Aquarius Child and Aries Mother

Aries mother and Aquarius child both are very honest, energetic and cannot stand the routine. Such a child likes that his mother treats him like an adult. Aries mother appreciates her freedom. She is happy to have such an independent child.

Aquarius Child and Aries Father

These two are happy to discuss issues that interest both. They both are enthusiastic and full of new ideas. Aquarius child is a person who can act unpredictably. Therefore, Aries father should be more patient not trying to pressure his child's independence.

Aquarius Child and Taurus Mother

Taurus is a caring mother and she likes order in everything. Aquarius child wants to do everything in his own way. Therefore, between them serious conflicts may happen from time to time. This mother should give her child more freedom to look for his own way in life.

Aquarius Child and Taurus Father

Calm Taurus father values comfort in life. But Aquarius prefers to live in a world of ideas and changes. Taurus father not always understands his stubborn child who does not like to obey. To build harmonic relationships Taurus father should be more tactful and never be angry.

Aquarius Child and Gemini Mother

These both do not tolerate boring everyday life. Both love to do everything in their own way, and everyone has no doubt that they are right. Gemini mother treats her child like an adult, which of course he likes. Only she must still remember that he needs much more love and care than it might seem.

Aquarius Child and Gemini Father

Gemini father has much more common sense than his little dreamer does. However, Father encourages little Aquarius to think independently and to express himself more. In fact, Aquarius child and Gemini father have a lot in common, and together they will never be bored. Both of them are friendly, but at the same time can be quite withdrawn.

Aquarius Child and Cancer Mother

A sensitive Cancer mother treats her Aquarius child with great love and warmth. However, little Aquarius is not as emotional as his mother is. He values his freedom most of all. Aquarius is a restrained and independent little person who will break out if his mother begins to show too much of her possessiveness.

Aquarius Child and Cancer Father

These two are too different from each other. Cancer father thinks very emotionally, while Aquarius is logical and intelligent. Aquarius is willing to take the risk, but his Cancer father is cautious. Aquarius is glad to change, but this is what most scares his father. The key to good relationships still exists: father should not control his child too much.

Aquarius Child and Leo Mother

Aquarius child and Leo mother is a good couple. Aquarius is sometimes cold and detached. But a generous and enthusiastic Leo mother is able to discover the best qualities of her little Aquarius. She just should not be too persistent.

Aquarius Child and Leo Father

Leo father expects his child to be perfect and is often too demanding. But any strictness only makes Aquarius child even more disobedient and detached. However, they are able to get along with each other. Both of them have a lively mind and are ready to discuss together some very serious problem or laugh at some joke.

Aquarius Child and Virgo Mother

Rational Virgo mother prefers an orderly life. But Aquarius endlessly comes up with something unusual. Virgo is not so worried that Aquarius seems a bit cold. She herself is not too emotional. Yet she must show more love, trying to earn the trust of a little Aquarius. He will learn to share his hopes and concerns with her.

Aquarius Child and Virgo Father

Virgo father wants his child to be obedient and serious. But Aquarius wants to do everything in his own way. However, both get pleasure from having much to talk about. This father is really able to help his child to discover the whole world. He just needs to be less criticizing.

Aquarius Child and Libra Mother

Sociable and friendly Libra mother loves to go out in public and organize all sorts of parties. Curious Aquarius child loves it too. These two will make each other a great company. Libra is talkative, charming, but not too emotional. Her thinking is logical and she will allow her little Aquarius to be himself, which is what he needs.

Aquarius Child and Libra Father

Aquarius child and Libra father have a lot in common. Both are smart and optimistic, friendly and sociable. Libra father understands his child well and encourages his curiosity. He is even ready to give him freedom, which Aquarius needs so much.

Aquarius Child and Scorpio Mother

Energetic Scorpio mother encourages all her Aquarius child's interests and is proud that he is so curious and clever. However, she needs to learn to let her child be himself. He will surely appreciate it.

Aquarius Child and Scorpio Father

Aquarius child admires his Scorpio father, as he is so powerful, strong and smart. But this child is ready to assert his rights if Scorpio begins to command. Scorpio father is sure that everyone in the house is obliged to obey him, and even more so the children. But a stubborn Aquarius does not want to give up so easily even to his father.

Aquarius Child and Sagittarius Mother

Sagittarius mother perfectly gets along with her Aquarius child. Both of them cannot stand the boredom and everyday life. Both love change and new experiences. Mother will always come up with something interesting, whether it is a common waste of money or the examination of life. They never get bored-that is for sure.

Aquarius Child and Sagittarius Father

Both are cheerful, smart and full of energy. Sagittarius can be a good teacher for the curious Aquarius, as he is ready to talk about everything that interests his child. Both of them are stubborn, especially when they argue. They can forgive each other and easily forget offenses.

Aquarius Child and Capricorn Mother

Capricorn mother is somewhat practical and, perhaps, too strict. But she does everything so that her child could have a promising future. Capricorn mother should overcome herself and give the child more freedom to find his own way in life.

Aquarius Child and Capricorn Father

Aquarius child and Capricorn father are completely different people. Capricorn father is responsible and rational. Aquarius is a dreamer and always full of ideas. Capricorn is too fond of discipline and Aquarius child values freedom. If Capricorn father shows more patience and love, the child will turn to him.

Aquarius Child and Aquarius Mother

Aquarius child and Aquarius mother have common views and interests. Aquarius mother will allow Aquarius to be himself, what is really important for him. She will help him to discover his creative abilities and will give a lot to her Aquarius child. However, she tends to give too much freedom to her child.

Aquarius Child and Aquarius Father

Aquarius father will always listen to his Aquarius child discussing everything in the most serious way. Both of them do not like routine and want to look ahead. Aquarius father treats his child like an adult. Next to such a father, Aquarius child really feels like a person.

Aquarius Child and Pisces Mother

Pisces mother is full of love, and perhaps that is what prevents her to be firm with her capricious little Aquarius. She would rather let him behave, as he wants. She must understand that Aquarius needs discipline; otherwise, he will drive his poor mother to despair.

Aquarius Child and Pisces Father

With this father, little Aquarius feels free, and that is what he wants more than anything else in the world. However, their relationship is not a solid idyll. They both can be too irritable and impulsive, when their feelings are hurt.

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