Cancer Sign

Cancer Sign

The nature of Cancer sign people discloses by the moonlight, which is extremely becoming to their changeable emotions. Along with good mood Cancer sign may suffer from severe melancholy. Fears of Cancer sign people pursue them day and night. Sorrow and uncertainty make Cancer sign aspire to loneliness. People of Cancer sign can keep secrets and sympathize with other people. Cancer sign heart is very gentle. People of Cancer sign love their home and water.

Cancer Career

Cancer sign does not strive for popularity. However, Cancer sign always needs more love, money, and fame. Cancer sign is very reasonable and practical. Cancer sign likes to save money and make provisions. Cancer sign people earn good money; incomes and expenses is their favorite theme. Cancer sign saves money for safety. Silver shine and rustling of banknotes calms their nerves.

Cancer Love

Cancer woman can be gentle, shy, and modest and then suddenly becomes desperately coquettish. Cancer woman is always swinging in love. Cancer woman mood is changeable and it makes her attractive and mysterious. Cancer woman will never betray. Cancer man is gallant and sentimental with women. Words of love are music for his ears. Cancer man is afraid of unsuccessful marriages and does not wish to marry thoughtlessly. Both sexes enjoy strong parental instinct.

Cancer Health

Cancer sign is prone to illnesses resulted from own emotions. Cancer sign constant anxiety and rich imagination can transform the smallest infirmity into serious disease. Cancer sign weakest areas are chest, knees, kidneys, skin, head, and stomach.

Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is either gloomy, or bursting in laughter. Cancer woman is a little crazy with rich imagination. Modesty and patience are features of Cancer woman. Cancer woman is a wonderful cook. Cancer woman is capable of heroic acts and great sacrifice. Motherhood is very important for Cancer woman.

Cancer Man

Quality and pleasure are synonyms for Cancer man. Cancer man manners may be rough, but his heart is full of feelings. Cancer man may demonstrate extravagant desires. Cancer man likes to remain a child and be caressed by woman. Cancer man likes to collect old and interesting things. Cancer man is a model father and is patient with children. Cancer man is proud of his sons and protects his daughters.

Cancer Child

Sensitivity and vulnerability are the main words to characterize a Cancer child. Cancer children are very sensitive to adults' relations to them; if there is something wrong, they experience that painfully. Cancer's mood changes very quickly. Not only they take offense quickly, also they are quick to forget a grudge. They are constantly worried about everything and strive to do their best for the sake of praise.
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Famous Cancer People

Nikola Tesla, Pierre Cardin, Elon Musk, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, George W. Bush, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Julian Assange, Jessica Simpson, George Michael...
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