Tiger Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Tiger Chinese Zodiac Sign

Power, courage, confidence and ambition are the main attributes of Tiger sign in Chinese zodiac. Tiger people are usually leading figures. They tend to accept challenges, and never give up until reach the goal. At the same time, the Tiger is a romantic and lively person with a wonderful sense of humor. His views are original. He is always full of new ideas and burns with enthusiasm. However, in love Tigers are usually passionate and often show jealous and possessiveness to their partners. Because of overconfident and strong nature, Tigers rarely create happy marriages.

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Tiger Zodiac Sign Traits

The leading Tiger zodiac sign traits are courage, confidence, passion and optimism. In the East, the Tiger symbolizes power, enthusiasm, and braveness. Tiger people like to win and usually go straight forward. Sometimes Tigers seem to have no rest. He is very honest and open with everyone. But his honesty often borders on excessive straightforwardness. Any form of pressure brings Tiger out of himself and makes him defend his opinion. Perhaps, that is why the representatives of this sign are more heads than subordinates. Sometimes their confidence makes it difficult to connect with others. They tend to defend their position even at the cost of conflict. They can be rather aggressive and rarely regret what they have said. Because of their impulsive and strong nature, they might create unhappy family. Tigers are incredibly passionate and enthusiastic persons. If Tiger is engaged in some idea, he forgets about everything. Tiger is a lively, attractive and romantic figure with a wonderful sense of humor. So, even without making efforts, they become the focus of everybody's attention. In hard times, Tigers need support as no other sign. One should not skimp on consolation of Tiger. When the things get better he will pay double. Tiger has royal generosity and willingly forgives everyone. However, they do hate lies and can be harsh on themselves and others. Tigers tend to be leaders in everything. They do not like to obey and hardly can work in a team. Being rather egoistic, they constantly argue with somebody. They tend to believe that they do the right thing and are always confident in their actions. Tiger is a passionate and adventurous person. Therefore, on his weekends he usually prefer active sports or hunting.

Tiger Zodiac Sign Strengths

Confidence, courage, honesty and enthusiasm are the main Tiger's zodiac sign strengths in Chinese zodiac. Tiger is a strong-willed and persistent personality. He tends to move forward and never gives up no matter what difficulties he faces. Tigers are honest and generous to others. They never leave you in a difficult moment and never give vain promises. Being naturally charming, lively and witty, they easily become the focus of attention. They are always full of new ideas and enthusiasm. Being a born leader, Tiger might easily organize people for a new project or draw them into a new adventure.

Tiger Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Tiger zodiac sign weaknesses are self-ego, stubbornness, aggressiveness. Undisciplined and stubborn, he is often in conflict with surrounding people. He tends to make rash decisions and fail. But they never regret about what they have said or done. In addition, they will never listen to somebody's advice. Tiger people are often confused in their contradictions that prevent them from controlling their aggressiveness. Because of his passion and strong impulse, the Tiger is rarely happy in love.

Tiger Woman

Tiger woman is charismatic, passionate and full of life nature. For Tigress, it is better to be born a man as it is easier to conquer the world. Women under this sign appreciate independence and cannot stand boredom. They instantly try to change the situation, work and even a man. Intelligent, frank and passionate Tiger woman usually attracts much attention. She tends to fall in love very fast. However, she is only happy with her partner if relationship does not restrict her freedom. Hating routine and monotony in life Tigress tends to be not very good wives and mothers. In marriage Tiger women love to control all affairs. Tiger woman makes money easily. At the same time, she can throw all money, having fun and relaxing.

Tiger Man

Tiger man in Chinese zodiac is strong-willed, adventurous, generous and passionate person. It is hard to resist Tiger's natural charm and charisma. He is capable of chic gestures of love and easily wins everyone's attention. The Tiger man is a classic image of a successful person. He is confident, persistent, achieving to lead and never obey. His actions usually overtake thoughts and he never follows to somebody's advice. Tiger man tends to throw himself into work, forgetting everything. Tigers are aggressive, rebellious by nature and indisputable leaders. However, they are attentive and honest to others. Tiger man is, probably, the first person that comes to rescue in a difficult moment. Tigers will also never give vain promises. Having chosen the Tiger man as a partner, you should be ready to obey and look at everything with "his eyes".

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