Dog Sign in Chinese Zodiac

Dog Chinese Zodiac Sign

Dog sign in Chinese zodiac is a symbol of honesty. Dogs are generous, loyal and have a kind heart. They are very sensitive and tend to care of people. Dogs will always protect the weaker, their family and friends. They are reliable and never leave somebody in trouble. However, Dog can be aggressive to critiques. Dogs do not like to show their feelings openly. But, they are usually tender and passionate privately. Sometimes they can be harsh in communication, but do not tend to conflict. Dog is very modest and can keep secrets. However, it can be too stubborn and cynical.

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Dog Zodiac Sign Traits

The leading Dog zodiac sign traits are justice, honesty and loyalty. Dogs are clever, brave and easy going. They are extremely sensitive to any unfairness. Like dogs, the Dog people tend to defend their home. They have a strong sense of responsibility and can be wonderfully loyal friends. Dogs are unselfish and generous. They are ready to give everything and sacrifice their interests and even themselves. However, they can be too irritable and judgmental. In a company, Dog prefers to listen more than speak. At the same time, it is a sympathetic and understanding companion. Dog's help is not limited to just advice, but, as a rule, it turns out to be extremely concrete and effective. Their keen sense of justice makes them worry about things that they cannot change. It may lead Dogs to depression. They cannot stand lie and betrayal. Dogs are reliable, hardworking and usually love what they do. They can make decisions and achieve their goals. They do not like big crowds and may seem impatient and suspicious. However, it is just appearance. It happens because Dogs tend to doubt in people and themselves. Dogs have good intuition. They can foresee troubles of their friends and try to help immediately. In love Dog people are very romantic and often are good family men. They tend to live for the benefit of their families and always support their children.

Dog Zodiac Sign Strengths

Among Dog zodiac sign strengths are justice, honesty and responsiveness. The dog is a symbol of loyalty and devotion. Dog people never leave their friends in trouble. Dogs are faithful, honest and have a strong sense of duty. They will not betray and will keep your secrets better than anyone else will. They are kind-hearted and have a good sense of humor. Dogs are cautious in making decisions and never make rash actions. Due to their excellent business qualities, they inspire confidence in others. People born under this sign always know what they want. The dog is famous for hard work but it does not seek fame and does not try to make a career. Good relations with people and family are the most important for Dogs. They are careful and tend to be good parents.

Dog Zodiac Sign Weaknesses

The main Dog zodiac sign weaknesses are a short temper, stubbornness and self-doubt. Dogs might be selfish and aggressive. At times, Dog is too serious and easily irritated if things are not going as planned. Dog people might be too straightforward and cynical to others. They like to criticize. In most cases, the Dogs are skeptical of the world. They often change their mood and make too high demands on others. Dishonesty, deception and inequality make the Dogs suffer a lot, making them real pessimists. In addition, the Dog is inclined to dwell on one problem and is ready to discuss it endlessly, turning into a rather unsympathetic bore. They are also highly dependent on others' support and opinion. It often prevents the Dog from making a success.

Dog Woman

Due to her appearance and good manners, the Dog woman can make an impression of a strong person. Although this is not always true. These women are uncompromising, ambitious and generous. They are patient and tend to bring all things to the end. These women have a masculine logical mind and they are persistent enough to achieve their goals. The Dog woman is intelligent and romantic. At the same time, she might be passive and unsure of herself. In work, these women are very disciplined and responsibly perform their professional duties. In companies, she behaves modestly and restrained. The Dog women are wonderfully devoted to their home and children.

Dog Man

Dog man has an open and kind heart. He is active, cheerful and loyal. Everybody wants to be his friend. However, Dog himself is not quick in making many friends. Dog man is a true fighter for justice. He is extremely reliable and hates lying people. These men are ready to do everything for their beloved and friends. However, they tend to be too pessimistic and do not believe in their strength. That is why Dog men are not good in career. To reach success Dog man needs support and approval of his family. Dog men are generous and brave. They are able to sacrifice their own benefit to help others.

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