Taurus Sign

Taurus Sign

People of Taurus sign are silent persons; their movements are measured and quiet. You can always rely on Taurus sign strength, but people of Taurus sign are very obstinate and it is their essential character trait. Taurus sign can demonstrate amazing self-control and people of Taurus sign are courageous under strokes of misfortune. Taurus sign thoughts are always reasonable and clear. Taurus sign loves his house, the nature, flowers, painting and music. People of Taurus sign are faithful to family and friends.

Taurus Career

Taurus sign and money always go together, but people of Taurus sign do not squander money. Taurus sign likes power and is proud of possessions being full of love for luxury. Taurus sign is an embodiment of a lucky businessman.

Taurus Love

Taurus sign is romantic by nature and is strongly attracted by the opposite sex. Taurus sign is capable for lasting love. Taurus woman is faithful. Taurus man personifies male qualities and surpasses other men. Taurus man love is simple and fair. Taurus man will do everything for a woman he is in love with.

Taurus Health

People of Taurus sign are healthy; however, if they fall ill, they recover slowly. The most sensitive areas are throat, neck, legs, and back. Colds often pass into quinsy. They may have poor blood circulation and they may suffer from venous affections and other chronic diseases.

Taurus Woman

Taurus woman unites all remarkable qualities. Taurus woman is quiet, reserved and honest. Taurus woman possesses immense emotional courage. Taurus woman demonstrates much of self-control. Practical common sense is important for Taurus woman. Taurus woman has a good feeling of harmony. Taurus woman likes to make favorable impression upon people and is very hospitable. She is a good cook. Taurus woman is reliable in all. Taurus woman is a good mother.

Taurus Man

Taurus man is quiet, faithful, sensitive, and firm in discipline. Taurus man always plans the future day and works much. Taurus man prefers reading books about heroes of the past. Taurus man is created for woman who appreciates true values. As a father Taurus man is a model of perfection.

Taurus Child

Little Taurus usually is not one to cause trouble to the parents, but likes to help around the house and in the garden. Taurus Child is calm and rational, and credible both, when goes shopping or does babysitting. Being a little bit slow, this child is careful and diligent trying to satisfy the parents' requirements.
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Famous Taurus People

Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Mark Zuckerberg, David Beckham, Adele, Harry S. Truman, Saddam Hussein, Enrique Iglesias, Salvador Dali, Honore de Balzac...
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