Aries and Aquarius

The union is quite harmonious. Both of them are easily addicted to new ideas. They both want to be understood and both need a friend. Both are ready to do everything for the fellowship. Joint creative activities, trips, extreme hobbies are favorable for them. The willingness of an Aquarius for change attracts an Aries, at the same time the Aquarius is flattered that his ideas are perceived adequately.

Love Compatibility

They are quite different, from the point of view of sexual temperament. Yet this is not an obstacle to building relation. They just need to give each other timeout and time to be alone. Such a relation can usually last a very long time. The signs are bound not only by love, but also by friendship.

Friendship Compatibility

An Aquarius is original and bold in the expression of their ideas. That fascinates an Aries much. In his turn the Aquarius often gets infected by the Aries' enthusiasm. They are ready to support each other at any moment.

Marriage Compatibility

It is a sufficiently strong union provided friendship is above love. They are lovers, friends and associates in one bottle. They have too much in common, from everyday life to the construction of castles in the air on Venus. Yet to the locks of the castles, the attitude is much more serious...

Business Compatibility

In a lot of ways, both of them are theorists but they are doing well. An Aquarius is engaged in planning and forecasting. An Aries is happy to undertake any joint plans.

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man

An Aries woman is just crazy about this extraordinary, unusual person. An Aquarius man is able to entice her into the distant cloudless worlds. At the same time, the Aries woman will really start to feel the breeze from the Milky Way. It is incredibly inspiring for her and she is ready to follow her man to the other end of the universe, overcoming any hardships and obstacles.

Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

In this union, the relations are impulsive, changeable and fickle. An Aries man is very impatient, and an Aquarius woman finds it difficult to move from the world of her fantasies to the level of his physical world at the first demand. The Aries man can start to be bored and look for a new adventure. The Aquarius woman does not know how to put him in his place.

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