Aries and Taurus

The union is not simple. Relations are possible. There is a big difference in temperament. Aries are impulsive and quick to join a business. They like risks. A Taurus thinks over everything. People of this sign do not hurry to make decisions. They take into account practical benefits.

Love Compatibility

The relationship is interesting to both. An Aries can be impressed by the beauty and reliability of a Taurus. A Taurus is delighted with the energy of an Aries in love. A Taurus also loves spontaneity of an Aries. If a Taurus does not try to curb the ardent character of an Aries, the relationship will last longer. The Aries should not rush the Taurus too much.

Friendship Compatibility

In this pair, usually one creates obstacles, and the second is forced to drag everything on itself. Both are stubborn and do not listen to advice. Both have their own opinion and are not inclined to change it. But if Aries clearly sees the goal and Taurus feels a material benefit - they will succeed.

Marriage Compatibility

Everyone in this pair finds something for himself: An Aries gets reliability and stability. A Taurus is able to smooth out sharp corners and save. For a long-term relationship, you need to avoid the routine. Do not try to suppress the partner. A Taurus knows what everything costs, and an Aries will happily throw themselves to fulfill that plan.

Business Compatibility

Although they have much to learn from each other, the relationship is quite complex. An Aries considers a Taurus slow and fixated on safety. A Taurus considers an Aries impulsive and superficial. They have a completely different approach to money. Yet, if a Taurus only follows orders and an Aries gives the orders affairs can go well.

Aries Woman and Taurus Man

An Aries woman appreciates the reliability of a Taurus man. She likes his desire for steady relations. An Aries woman is delighted with gifts. A Taurus man is inspired by the energy of his partner. Her temperament excites him. That is important in their compatibility.

Aries Man and Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman will be flattered by the attention and passionate pressure of an Aries. An Aries man will appreciate her beauty and ability to present himself in society. The relations have a chance to be long. An Aries man must not interfere in household affairs. He should allow his Taurus woman to equip the common territory at her own discretion.

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