Aries and Virgo

A Virgo is a born organizer. A Virgo always knows what and how everything should be. An Aries is impulsive, willful and does not accept limitation and criticism. At first glance, they are too different. Yet there may be fruitful relations between them, if there is a common goal.

Love Compatibility

The combination is not easy: there are few points of contact. An Aries likes to dominate in the relations and does not tolerate criticism. A Virgo is irritated by the variability of an Aries. Virgos do not like the ease with which Aries jump from one topic to another. If an Aries has enough patience to listen to wise advice of a Virgo, their relations can develop.

Friendship Compatibility

Again, the main thing is the presence of a common goal. For this it is worth to be together. And in the presence of a common past, they can be together to indulge in some nostalgia a little. A Virgo should learn not to flaunt her intelligence, and an Aries should try to listen more to the advice.

Marriage Compatibility

The union is quite rare because of a big contrast between temperaments. A Virgo is very patient and has ability to organize the surrounding area with harmony. An Aries is too unstable and capricious. The duration of the relations depends directly on the Virgo's ability to bypass sharp corners. And the Aries must know that in matters of the house, the Virgo has a clear advantage.

Business Compatibility

In business, the union is not often. Yet it is possible if they are united by a common goal and everyone has the opportunity to express himself or herself fully. In these relations, there must not be any prejudice to the interests of the partner. It is nice when a Virgo is a strategist, and an Aries is a tactician.

Aries Woman and Virgo Man

At first, a Virgo man will be fascinated by the beauty and originality of an Aries woman. In her turn she will be impressed by his delicacy, courtesy and politeness. Yet with time, she will feel limited in the space they are forming. The man Virgo will just get tired of constantly indulging her whims. He likes a more calm and measured life.

Aries Man and Virgo Woman

The rush of an Aries will flatter a Virgo woman. She also will be excited with passion the Aries man begins his courtship. The relationship promises to be long, if the Virgo woman refrains from criticism. It is better to allow the Aries man to live with the illusion of freedom.

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