Aries and Aries

Such a pair has a huge amount of energy and strength. At the same time, they have little patience. They do not desire to listen and understand each other. They are not inclined to change their point of view even when they see the common cause may suffer. That is harmful for compatibility. Arians are not disposed to apologize. Arians are touchy but easily calm down. Relations are possible until there is no pressure from the other side.

Love Compatibility

In love, Arians try to "conquer" the partner at any cost. There is physical attraction but there is no emotional depth in love of the signs. Dates are frequent and energetically saturated; the true satisfaction is not enough. In love, compatibility has some problems. Everyone in this pair first loves themselves.

Friendship Compatibility

Friendship is possible if there is a common interest, like hiking or sports. A common ideal is necessary in friendship compatibility. Each of them should go to it alone, only rarely focusing on a partner. It is important to avoid criticism and pressure in friendship.

Marriage Compatibility

In marriage, because of too similar temperaments, there can be an angry outburst and a desire to do everything in your own way. In a fit of rage, there is a risk to say each other many rude things. It is favorable to delimit spheres of influence and not to interfere in each other's affairs. For marriage compatibility, it is better to meet only in the bedroom. There Arians can give their partner all the passion accumulated during the day.

Business Compatibility

Partners are interested in each other until they do not interfere in each other's affairs. Business compatibility wins if the partners specify "zones of influence ". Thus, each of them will carry out their own part of work. Both of them are free spirits. They do not tolerate criticism and work better separately.

Aries Woman and Aries Man

If you want this firework to last as long as possible, you will have to learn patience and not try to control the partner. The main thing that both need is complete freedom of expression. Both partners are bright and should learn to restrain their jealousy.

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