Aries and Scorpio

The union of these two signs is interesting and very powerful. There are two strong personalities. The period of the relations depends on how each of them is interested in this union and on what concessions they are ready to go.

Love Compatibility

There is a lot of passion, energy, and a lot of sex between these people. A Scorpio subtly controls the relations. Yet an Aries thinks that all goes well. Scorpio's tendency to reign and control can greatly impede the relations. If between them there is jealousy, it only serves to deepen the mutual interest and attraction to each other.

Friendship Compatibility

From the outside, it may seem that in this pair everything is perfect. Both are strong and active. However, we must remember that a Scorpio often uses the pressure of an Aries for its own benefit. When the Aries realizes this, they either leave the relationship, or break down and cease to be interesting to Scorpio.

Marriage Compatibility

In marriage, there is strong sexual attraction, the depth of feeling. However, an Aries is weak in everyday life, and a Scorpio does not want to carry everything. The Scorpio should refrain from caustic words and the desire to check everything. The Aries should accept that for the sake of love it is necessary to make concessions.

Business Compatibility

If an Aries is used to fighting openly, then a Scorpio is a master of behind- the-scenes games. They can be very useful to each other, as they move towards a common goal, but each in their own way. Here you need to keep in mind that the Scorpio is a subtle manipulator and will always strive to use common finances for its own purposes.

Aries Woman and Scorpio Man

There is a storm of emotions between these people. There is a hurricane of passion here, and a lot of sex in the most unusual presentation. The Scorpio man is the owner and manipulator, he subtly leads the relationship in the direction he needs. The Aries woman is of a simple behavior, naive and believes her partner in the word.

Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

This is an energy-rich relationship. An Aries is given the role of a performer no matter how strange it may sound. The Aries man will not even notice the moment of falling into the snares, skillfully placed by a Scorpio woman. It is possible to fight for dominance in a relationship in which the last word is always for the Scorpio woman.

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