Aries and Sagittarius

These signs show a nice union in many areas. They understand and respect each other. Often their friendship leads into a stable intimate relation. It even can lead to marriage.

Love Compatibility

Strong attraction and sympathy for each other there is in such a love affair. Both partners are not fixated on stability and are ready for new experiments in the field of love. Both leave each other a lot of freedom in the relationship. However, it only brings them together even more.

Friendship Compatibility

Thirst for novelty and desire to open new horizons indeed brings these people together. A Sagittarius is the only sign of the Zodiac that can change and soften the stormy character of an Aries. They do it softly without pressure and coercion. Aries learns a lot in this relationship.

Marriage Compatibility

In marriage, they have a great prospect for a long-term and happy relation. Partners do not put pressure on each other. They support and help each other in every way. There is a strong sexual attraction between them. It becomes even stronger with times. The union is perfect for crafts, traveling and having fun.

Business Compatibility

Both partners value each other very much. They build their relations not only on friendship, but also on respect for the nature of each other. They constantly support and inspire each other to new achievements. An Aries in this relation has a real chance to work out obstinacy and persistence thanks to the thin support of a Sagittarius.

Aries Woman and Sagittarius Man

A Sagittarius man very mildly and carefully teaches an Aries woman to hold back her emotions and reveal feelings. There is a lot of passion and energy in this pair. The man here acts as a mentor. The woman follows him learning herself, life and the universe.

Aries Man and Sagittarius Woman

Of course, an Aries man believes that he leads in this relationship. But it only seems to him. A Sagittarius woman is so wise that she allows him to think so. The union is based on joint activities, creativity, and desire to grow spiritually. They are happy to have a joint rest, when everyone has a chance to express themselves freely.

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