Aries and Pisces

Relations are extremely tense between these signs. A sharp difference in sexual temperament will cause ever-growing dissatisfaction with each other. An Aries does not understand the finesse and hints of a Pisces, and the Pisces suffers from the rudeness and tactlessness of Aries.

Love Compatibility

Jealousy and passion will constantly shake this pair. In the end, the union can break up because of elementary egoism and reluctance of the partners to understand each other. An Aries' rough sex hurts a Pisces, and the Aries refuses to realize why foreplay is needed.

Friendship Compatibility

Friendship between this two signs is quite possible. Unreal worlds and a crazy imagination of Pisces makes Aries stop for a moment and Pisces (though not for a long time) have the opportunity to talk about their unreal plans even more convincing.

Marriage Compatibility

A Pisces is accustomed to suffer and seek support, and an Aries always relies only on himself. The Aries is too direct and frankly rude, which makes the union unfit for the Pisces. Relationships are possible if the Aries curbs his ardent disposition, and surrounds the Pisces with care and love.

Business Compatibility

In this case, relations are quite possible if the partners are looking in the same direction and if they are united by a common idea. Yet, we need to clearly outline the spheres of influence and not interfere in each other's methods and habits.

Aries Woman and Pisces Man

A strong Aries woman will be completely baffled by a fragile and helpless Pisces man. She will want to take him, so creative and sophisticated, under her wing. These relations can be described as "mum-son". However, the Pisces man is not what he seems. He tries to escape "for the sake of art" from the gaze of "mum".

Aries Man and Pisces Woman

The relationship is possible as a guest marriage. An Aries man comes for a short time, and then a Pisces woman endlessly tells her friends what there was between them. Each time she adds new non-existent details. In search of understanding, the Pisces can go aside, because the Aries sees her only as a homemaker.

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