Aries and Cancer

Compatibility in these relations is not simple: there is a big difference in temperament and view on life. A Cancer is too shy and passive for an Aries. An Aries, in his turn, is too impatient and tries to achieve their goals quickly and instantly. But often a common feast brings the two signs together.

Love Compatibility

A romantic tie is possible between these signs. Yet in the whole such a union will have problems. Love suffers in these relations. After a short period of romantic feelings, there comes frustration. There can appear many mutual rebukes and discontent. A Cancer likes to live a decent, quiet life. An Aries begins to miss without adventures.

Friendship Compatibility

Friendship between these different partners is possible if each of them tries not to put pressure on the other. They can be united by a common goal, but to go to this goal, each of them prefers in his own way. Yet compatibility between these signs can be created.

Marriage Compatibility

It is a Complex combination. An Aries feels locked up, and a Cancer lacks emotions and depth of feelings. The straightness of the Aries and the inability to find the right words can deeply injure the Cancer. Although the Aries appreciates a reliable support at home. But Aries in this Union is boring.

Business Compatibility

For Aries, the main thing is to act and not stand still. For Cancer in the first place they need to feel the security and stability. It is possible to work together provided that their areas of work do not touch directly. Such a combination is good if an Aries is an employer, and a Cancer is a performer.

Aries Woman and Cancer Man

An Aries woman sees a Cancer man as too weak and not courageous enough. Yet his desire to organize their life attracts her. She also likes his ability to make concessions. The reliable rear, created by a man Cancer attracts a woman Aries. In addition, the Cancer man is very patient and knows how to get along with small children.

Aries Man and Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is constantly trying to curb the man's temper. She even wants to trap him into marriage. She likes Aries' enthusiasm and his scope of solving problems. But an Aries Man will try to get rid of any bans. He will delay the official registration of their relations. Conflicts are inevitable.

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