Aries and Capricorn

It is a very complex combination. A Capricorn always wants to curb the ardent temper of an Aries. The Aries either breaks down and becomes a weak-willed performer, or leaves the relations by slamming the door loudly. There is a constant struggle for leadership and power between people of these signs.

Love Compatibility

It is unlikely that these people will have a look at each other at all. Extraordinary and bright personality attracts an Aries. A Capricorn is a supporter of a system and a holder of traditions. They are bored and uninterested with each other. Lack of harmony in the sexual sphere will only accelerate the gap.

Friendship Compatibility

It is a complex union. Each of them tends to dominate the relationship. If a Capricorn refrains from the desire to lead and teach, and an Aries is ready to quietly listen to the truth about himself - the relationship can develop into something greater. These relations can contribute to personal growth.

Marriage Compatibility

The difference between partners in nature and worldview creates many problems. An Aries is not very adapted in everyday life. She/he sees only the general background. A Capricorn is attentive to details and gives them great importance. Such difference there is in the intimate life. The rhythm of the relationships and their form does not satisfy the partner at all.

Business Compatibility

The relationship can benefit both, if a Capricorn sets the direction and indicates far-reaching goals. In this case, an Aries has a complete freedom to perform the task. The relationship where an Aries is the head is also quite promising if the Aries does not indicate the Capricorn the way to achieve the goal.

Aries Woman and Capricorn Man

At first, it may seem that they are interesting to each other. Yet in these relations, there is a lot of self-interest. A woman Aries is interested in the status and position in society that a Capricorn man can give her. In addition, the man Capricorn is constantly trying to tame, pacify and reeducate the woman Aries.

Aries Man and Capricorn Woman

The pair is a real mismatch. They are very incompatible psychologically. A Capricorn woman is calm, rational and consistent. A man Aries is impulsive and always wants intimacy. There is no spark between them, which makes two people aspire to each other.

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